It happens in a process of interaction between tacit knowledge and explicit that has a dynamic and incessant nature and it is constituted following 4 phases: Tacitus to Tacitus: one takes place through processes of socialization, that is to say, by means of the direct interaction with the outer world: with other people, other cultures, etc.? Tacitus to Explicit: one takes place through externalisation, by means of the dialogue. Explicit to Explicit: different forms from explicit knowledge by means of documents or data bases are combined. Explicit to Tacitus: it is the internalization of the knowledge, and consists of the incorporation of the tacit knowledge on the part of the individuals of any organization. Within the framework of the management of the knowledge of the organizations, the informal meetings, the encounter to discuss or the judgments of experts, seed the process of conversion of tacit knowledge in Tacitus, that is to say who facilitate the socialization. Also, registering the lessons learned in a project, designing the profiles of labor positions or the relevalemiento of processes, promote the externalisation or conversion of tacit knowledge in explicit. The redesign of the released processes, the generation of repositorio of documentation or the constitution of work groups for the continuous improvement, is examples of tending actions to favor the combination or to turn of explicit knowledge into explicit.

Finally, the qualification and the use of better practices, tend to promote the conversion of the explicit knowledge in Tacitus or to internalise of the knowledge. How to protect the knowledge developed in an organization? The central idea to be able to include/understand the importance of protecting the knowledge of an organization is to conceive the composition of the intellectual capital (human, structural and of relacionamiento with the market) and to consolidate it. This implies the formalization of the processes, policies and tools, of the conversion of the tacit knowledge in explicit, of way so of being able to manage it and to share it in the organization everything to reach the strategic targets.