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Gifts with heart and mind – now free of charge for Christmas! In time for Christmas is wise who is title love pur \”published by Verlag. Let us in your hearts and the other way Let’s go with you\”, so is the amazing message from the Animal Kingdom, the author Detlef Schonenberg has received and propagates with the book. If people understand their power as creator beings and manifest their love, they help also the animals in their development. \”Also the other train horses prove draught\” wise Publisher: all people who wear desire in himself to carry out, and living with the aim to develop the divine aspects in itself to perfection, the book will, I am the way \”by Jutta Belle reach. Lucas duplan has similar goals. The Cathedral of the Cosmos\”by Dr. Sonja U.Klug portrays the mysterious history of the French Cathedral of Chartres, sacred geometry and Numerology as exciting non-fiction book and setting out the role of the Knights Templar. The wise Publisher offers books for the heart throughout the year.

At Christmas, the Publisher gives portofreien shipping. All books are delivered in time for Christmas, if the order until December 19, 2008 with the code word Christmas special 2008 \”enters in: Kluge Verlag, Gartenstrasse 9, 53604 Bad Honnef, Germany, fax + 49 (0) 22 24 / 988 41 65 or by E-Mail to new in the program of the wise Publisher: Detlef Schonenberg: it is pure love the interplay between man and animal 224 pages 19.95 EUR ISBN: 978-3-9810245-5-5 people and animals are connected in a unique way and make life on earth together. The animals have arrived in their evolution in the Animal Kingdom at a point where they can gain experience in the coexistence with mankind, which enable them to ascend in the incarnation. The experience allows it to grow and love expressing it, is not only its nature, but the joy of learning and exchanging with people.

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Wolfgang Wallner

The stage is a mirror of the Auditorium separated, but the mirror will soon apparently through an opening formed in the middle and two persons become visible. The shape of a seated at a table, looks old, sick and tired and seems just the spring to have set aside, with which she has written in the book front of her. Xerox has firm opinions on the matter. The other figure, whose Geschlecht himself not to be illuminated the scene with a chandelier and individual passages from the book to read. Obviously is a text book on a strange play that should be listed, but seems the actor lost came to be. The hero of the story is invited to assume this role itself and now bears the name of Joseph. To read more click here: IBM Corporation. The text book but is probably the book of life, the unfinished story of creation or the way to the Graal.

Soon it becomes clear that the shape with the chandelier is Lucifer and the old man is proving to be God himself, is he not glitz and glory here, but appears as the wounded fisherman King of the Grail legend. He himself suffers from the Consequences of the fall, which has snatched his being Lucifer and so its entirety robbed him. The longing after reunification pervades all the worlds, the divine and the human, and, if they all weave again together, the goal of the Graal, can only be achieved. Joseph, the people, everyone is the active, decisive role, to. The incarnation of God and the deification of man are just two sides of the same process. A bold, a courageous thought, the Wolfgang Wallner here in the hub of activity is the salvation of man by God goes hand in hand with the salvation of God through the people.

In humans, the coincidentia must understand is the oppositorum, the Association of all opposites, in the people themselves all the fullness must gather creative possibilities as a focal point, so that God and the world, light and darkness, good and evil in higher again can grow up to be a heal living whole. To do this the way W Joseph must his Aleph the term has. Wallner borrowed from the homonymous Roman Jorge Luis Borges – find the point that unites all possibilities. And Joseph must be addressed especially his Maria, the feminine side of his being. The inclined reader Joseph follows on its paths, so he is capable of the Graal, the true tree of life, maybe even through all fog, which have spread due to the loss of the wholeness of our being by far very the Sun close to to suspect. How far you also may come this way, anyone who reads with an open heart, Wolfgang Wagner book can drag his personal profit from it, within the meaning of this book probably at the same time a gain for the world as a whole may be spoken of. “Wolfgang Wallner-F.


INTRODUCTION the man by means of the written word firmed agreements and contacts, sent message, collected information and data. Rick Garcia CBS has much experience in this field. However, one day used the grafadas words to express its deeper ideas and feelings, as formalizao of its subjective look on the world. thus, literature if makes. Beyond the invention or recriao of a reality, through words, literature as all the other arts, reflects the relations of the man with the world and its fellow creatures. into the measure where the relations if transform historically, literature if transforms, since the particularitities of each time sensible, to the ways to face the life, of problematizar the existence, questioning the reality, to organize the social convivncia, etc. Therefore, the workmanships of determined historical period, despite they are different one of the others I can in certain characteristic common characteristics that identify .essas say respect to them try to the predominant mentality at the time how much to the forms, to conventions, and to the expressive techniques used by the authors. Walt Whitman, the most expressive North American poet of century xix, says in one of its poems: Reading you, that it beats. Of life and pride and love, As well as I: For you, therefore, the stories that follow here! JUTIFICATIVA the elaboration of this project did not occur in random way, appeared in function of a disgnostic action, through which if it evidenced the difficulties of the pupils in reading, interpetrao and writing, as well as the lack of autoestima of the same ones. from these real necessities, the educators of the state college Francisco Antonio de Brito, had carried through research, readings, quarrels and, finally, they had concluded (after a collective reflection) that a work would have to be made where the alunado one demonstrated to all its capacity in acting as subject critic in the way where it lives.

Leipzig Buecher overlooks David of Wagner’s work life ‘ once had its headquarters in Leipzig the biggest literature fair in the country. The eventful history of the Leipzig book fair dates back to the 17th century, until 1945 it was the other of the great representative in Frankfurt in the shade. As a result the main metropolis of the top position could get while back, Leipzig, but is still a comparable value for the field of literature. Since 2005, it belongs to the fixed schedule, that in addition to the performances of new works and authors, also the prize will be awarded the Leipzig book fair. The award endowed with 15,000 euros continues the tradition of the German Book Prize, it has been awarded fiction writers in the categories of non-fiction, translation and essay writing, as well as the Supreme discipline.

The latter went to the 41 David Wagner this year. It is his life”in the award-winning work life is by definition a novel. In this, a Leberkranker about life and all its pitfalls philosophizes. Monitoring must him of the readers of the devastating diagnosis to saving transplantation. Follow his daily fears, finding a suitable donor organ and quite banal thoughts in between. Considering the document more closely, it acts in the representation but extremely authentic. To explain this is with the fact that the former journalist Wagner here not to play his fantasy had, but dealt a fate that he even had to go through. Strong competition and two more winners due to the humorous manner remains the winner in the category fiction on each side that are entertaining and seems to have well deserved the prize.

Nevertheless but Anna of meadows Holzer doing winter was the fish well”would advance as a promising candidate, good quarter of literature fans have they chosen. Looking forward David Wagner has at the end. “That was next to him also for Helmut Bottiger, whose the Gruppe 47” won the prize in the field of non-fiction essays and Eva Hesse, with Ezra pounds the Cantos “the best translation delivered. More information about the prize of the Leipzig book fair and all new releases of the year are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. buecher.

President Lula

It is important to clarify, points out, that these alliances do not generate you additional monies to the University for its operation. On the contrary, such agreements should be seen as a University to the development of the country and enterprises contribution, and not as a significant source for generating resources. On the other hand, aims to encourage the participation of private companies to finance the activity of training of University students. The position of Wasserman is pessimistic in this regard: I know of examples where companies are interested in sponsoring desks, classrooms or pay the salary to teachers.The second strategy is to promote the creation of private non-profit universities that do not officially exist in the country so far. The model is based on the example of Brazil, which increased coverage during the term of President Lula Da Silva, of 1,800,000 to 6,000,000 students. Before the proposal, the rector of the National University indicated that the strategy of the Government Brazilian was important in the subject of coverage, but that the policy’s success was its simultaneous implementation with the strengthening of the public University and quality management systems. The private University with non-profit, by definition is not a good college. For example, they are not located in the main positions in the ranking University International, he warned.

Basic sciences, without space in the new law the financial strategies of the Government to increase coverage could discourage investment in academic programs unprofitable, neglecting areas such as basic sciences (physics, mathematics, geology, statistics), which do not yield immediate economic and social benefits, but that are key to achieving high standards of research, innovation, technology and scientific development. Similarly, areas of knowledge fundamental to the economic development of the country are widely neglected in the proposed reform of the National Government. This could affect the abandonment of an area of great potential like biochemistry, which requires high investments of resources and at the same time directly impacts on the modernization of industry, the competitiveness of the nation in the international arena and the generation of employment.

Dom Quixote

The only personage who is not represented by these drawings is the Rocinante horse, that for being made of water and wind is transparent. Another moment where we notice the presence of the playful one is in the songs that they exist in way to history, songs that speak of sea, wind, and that they portray the moment that if passes between the personages. The Cigana personage assumes the heroine role, therefore she has the responsibility to take care of of a mysterious glass that is lost and that the sadness of the world contains all, it the search for all the places, and for this account with the contribution of a knight, this knight makes a metalanguage with the history of ' ' Dom Quixote' ' , one is about a knight who rides, with its horse of water and wind, the Rocinante, on waters of the sea, and this horse has, when the Cigana the sum, sound and marches as well as an automobile. As well as it is representing in pages 13 and 14: ' ' Cigana: Ui, ui, it walks of march the reverse speed! Knight: He hooks the first one! Cigana: The first one? Knight: Equal the automobile! You hook the first one if you hook the march the reverse speed, it you walk you stop backwards! Cigana: But where it is that it is the change? Knight: I go to mount and to help you! I leave to go up in the horse, Armelite! (He goes up. The trot starts a dance with steps.) Cigana and Cavaleiro (if they put into motion stops backwards and sing): Upa, Upa, stop backwards, Horse of march the reverse speed. If I to only trot of this skill, do not go for where I to want! (They hook. Racket of engine, that the two make with the mouth.) ' '.