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What distinguishes an infrared cabin from the conventional sauna? This is easily explained. In the sauna temperatures of approx. 80-100 degrees, the air is heated and dried. The body starts to sweat. By the same author: Atmos Energy. In an infrared cabin, deep heat radiation heats the ambient temperature up to 50 degrees. The effect is comparable to that of a red light bulb. The rays are absorbed by the body and converted into heat. Here also begins to sweat the body, due to the lower temperature but the infrared cabin for anyone.

What can be observed at the time of purchase? A space of approx. 1 to 2 m m is required for the construction and the installation of an infrared cabin. No matter whether the infra-red cabin in the living room, basement or bathroom of the House is used, it is almost everywhere can be integrated. It is the required height of approx. 200 cm, a straight surface, a distance of 2 m from the shower or bath and a wall distance of 10 cm. Only a socket for a plug is sufficient to power, no power is required.

Care instructions from the outside, natural wood cabins should be treated with beeswax. the insides of the infrared cabin should left as untreated to ensure the breathing of wood. Some infrared cabins have removable benches, which are easier to clean than fixed. A detailed consultation should be prior to the purchase, this is also possible. is an absolute specialist for saunas, swimming pools, infra-red cabins and much more. Whether the advice, accessories or accessories is, offers a complete all-round care of all desires. Relaxation and wellness for body, mind and soul in health medicine used heat effectively for centuries to alleviate a variety of physical ailments. Continue to learn more with: Eliot Horowitz. You achieve this effect even more effectively with an infra-red cabin, not selectively but holistically distributed the heat and can be experienced. Heat improves the well-being and promotes blood circulation, improves metabolism. Can the regular sweating Support removal, the body detoxify and contribute to a better body feeling. Refined is the appearance of the skin, pores are opened by heat, slags and toxins can escape. Regular applications strengthens the immune system, the body can teem better then for example during the typical cold viruses and bacteria. Warmth and tranquillity mean but also relaxation and stress relief. After a busy day, staying in the infrared cabin has a beneficial effect on the soul. Tension and back pain are alleviated. Different types and variants the wishes are hardly any limits. To select the site previously, and to consider how many people will use the infrared cabin at the same time is important. Small cabins for a person are offered up to large cabins you provide a place for the whole family. A building on the corner is also possible. Who want to relax completely, can the additional light effects or music systems personal infrared cabin can incorporate or build up. Also here are no limits the wishes. helps to fulfill wishes.