English Pixels

Characteristics of digital cameras to pick up a digital camera, be aware of its main characteristics: matrix (CCD (CCD, Charge Coupled Device) matrix, the analog film): A very important feature because the quality of of the photographs depends on the number of minimal elements of pixels (pixel, from the English. picture element-'element image ') CCDs that make up the image. Determine the parameters of: a) the number of sensitive elements (not always coincides with the number of pixels in the resulting image, so when buying a digital camera take note: if it is named by the number of sensors or the number of pixels in the resulting shooting image, it's working or effective pixels) and b) the sensitivity (shooting in daylight and not very fast moving objects in the 50-100 iso sensitivity is quite sufficient), and c) the number of pixels of the image, working or effective pixels. Since ccd 1,3 Mpx (or 1,3 M pixels) allows to take photos with a maximum of 1280×960 ppi (pixels per inch, ppi), the matrix 2MPx-1600×1200 (A4 format (more 1900h1200 points, 2.3 megapixels)) , 3,3 MPx-2048×1536, 5,24 MPx-2560h1920 ppi (standard matrix: the ratio of width to height of the picture 1.33333, which coincides with the resolution of the monitor screen), and d) size – respec-tively, the more elements, the higher the resolution matrix and the exact color of the image. Today while some firms (eg, Canon) are actively using a different technology: cmos (CMOS) matrix. Tip: The best option: 3-megapixel camera, the resolution of the frame around 1984×1488 ppi (example, sony DSC-P72: 3.3 Mega-pixel matrix.