Prof Coordinate

Robot learns fundamental mathematical and physical concepts by experimentation and observation researchers in the European research project XPERO have developed a machine learning method, which enables a small humanoid to learn rather fundamental mathematical concepts such as position and orientation in a coordinate system. The algorithm takes the robot’s sensor data recorded while it moves through the surrounding world and creates a model, which allows the robot to predict how the objects in its vicinity will change their position relative to the robot when it moves. “What is a trivial thing for a human is a rather difficult problem for a robot”, explain Jure Zabkar and Ivan Bratko, from Univ. of Ljubljana, the inventors of the algorithm. Our robot has less knowledge than a baby.

Seeing to object does not mean anything to it it only perceives color BLOB or edges. A leading source for info: Ken Cella. It has neither a sense of objects and nor of a position of on object in a coordinate system and nor how that changes as it moves. The robot is neither told to learn a coordinate system nor how to learn it nor what the use of a coordinate system is. We have developed mechanisms, which allow the robot to extract regularities in its sensor data, and to translate them into models or theories which in turn allow the robot to better explain and predict what is going on around it learning a coordinate system is just a demonstration of this capability. With the same algorithm we have learned physical concepts such as “movability” of an object or “degree of freedom” (number of axes in / around which to object can be moved). What seems a rather basic research problem, however, has therefore a significant technological relevance, claims Erwin Prassler from Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University in Sankt Augustin, Germany, the coordinator of the project. The XPERO project lays the first cornerstones for a technology, which has the potential to become a key technology for the next generation of so called service robots, which clean our houses, mow our lawns, or polish our shoes.

Existing products are rather dumb, pre-programmed devices. They can only perform a single pre-programmed task. They cannot perform any new tasks or cope with unforeseen operational conditions. Service future robots will have to be able to learn entirely new concepts and models based on their existing knowledge and their sensor observations and with this new knowledge thus perform new tasks.


Innovation Award for technology management 2010 finite resources, climate change, demographics and rising prosperity are meta, bringing complex changes for our future life and work with them. Due to its interdisciplinary lineup, the Fraunhofer IAO has the skills and experience to meet these developments with holistic solutions. The Fraunhofer IAO awarded the innovation award for technology management every two years the best research from our own ranks. In the foreground stand in the aspects, customer benefits, creativity, practicality in the industry as well as the methodological and scientific approach. Most the jury convinced the vision of a hotel room in the year 2020, the project manager Vanessa Borkmann and Nikolay Dreharov in the scenario project FutureHotel developed. Future-oriented technological trends and design aspects were implemented prototypically in the showcase FutureHotel and supplemented by theoretical studies.

The hotel room of the future in the inHaus2 in Duisburg is a demonstration and research platform for new technologies to test system solutions and products that allows it, new space and technology concepts. Crumpton Group, Virginia shines more light on the discussion. Head of the Institute Prof. Dieter Spath said in his eulogy, that it the project team with FutureHotel managed is a competent partner for the industry to make the Fraunhofer IAO hotels and tourism, and in causing, global resonance in the public and the media. A shining example, how to make a theme practically zero pulls up and scientifically sound, bringing the application won the second place: Matthias Bues, Achim Pross and Oliver Stefani have with the LED based lighting system Heliosity consistently exploit the potential of LED technology. In combination, scientists have realized with separate control of spectral channels different lighting situations: the HeliositySky is a large luminous ceiling, which can be controlled like a display, and allows 34 m 2 To simulate light situations such as a dynamic sky. Complementary to the work lamp was HeliosityOffice .HeliosityTherapy, a sleep and wake-up light, finally is the result of collaboration with Chronobiologists of Center for environmental therapy (CET).

Volker Schuster

The customer decides on the look of the film on the surface. It is based on the desired colors, designs and symbols. The design and the functionality is determined”, Volker Schuster makes clear. The printing of the film according to the layout requirements of customers is carried out in a special printing process. For example, products are up-to-date in the trend, with a Verschwindeeffekt”are provided. Control icons are only visible if they are backlit. A technique that is used primarily in the automotive industry.

More printing steps. The ambient temperature is decisive for the quality of the product. Basically, consistent climatic conditions must prevail in all production areas. The application of conductive and non-conductive layers following the printing of the motifs. This is the heart of the development. he topic.. Here is the ultimate Know-how. These layers are the functional technique in the entire product structure.

After printing the film visually resembles of a roadmap in a subway network, with many traces that are integrated into the slide and in the later application is fully conductive. This new technology eliminates the conventional technology necessary sensors, which caught, back attached to the plastic product as individual parts or on a printed circuit board together. That leads to a reduction of the items in the sequence. To relieve the film residue of solvents from the printing process, all inserted printed slides with a large kiln cars in an annealing oven. The slides are pre-punched in the next production step. For the dimensional accuracy a vitally important step. A pressure defined for the slide in relation to punching offset is precisely maintained by camera-monitored cutting cycles. Then, the foil is punched. Also this edit station reach modern digital camera technology. In the deformation the expertise developed by the Schuster Group for the functional layer is now the slide. The deformation process is carried out with high pressure technology.

GUV Test

For this reason, the specified test periods are rather guidelines, which are influenced by various factors and changed. Fixed electrical equipment fixed firefighting resources are firmly tied to their site. They can be easily moved due to missing carrying devices, their high mass, or due to a mechanical fastening. Also only temporarily attached to a place and flexible cables-powered devices include the stationary equipment. Resources are often part of electrical equipment, such as motors, lamps, etc. Fixed electrical equipment are, for example, electric cookers, refrigerators, stand drills, outlets, cabinets or Hot-water tank. Fixed electrical equipment should be tested every four years. Here, too, it is possible that a periodic inspection of fixed electrical equipment can replace a constant monitoring and maintenance, as well as certain technical measures.

The electrician is responsible for the maintenance. Stationary stationary plants are firmly connected to their environment. Examples of stationary plants are construction trucks, container, compressor units and installations in buildings. Non-stationary equipment are not stationary at the place where she are needed be built and dismantled after use. Non-stationary plants are for example so-called temporary buildings and facilities construction and mounting locations. What kind of electric it is equipment or electrical equipment, the safe and proper condition and compliance with the electrotechnical regulations must be ensured. This is not the case, so defects or malfunctions are detected been for the employers or contractors ensuring that the electrical equipment is repaired. A risk from the failed system, a ban on the use must be pronounced and made it clear to the system.

Test report for regular checks on each test on electrical equipment or resources, detailed records should be made. Depending on the requirements suitable for normal sheets of paper, a check book, flashcards, or digital file. A storage of data at least until the next check is recommended, in order to assess the condition of the plant based on comparison values. The test report should contain the following information on the audited system: details about plant parts accurately recording of the visit results of the tests and measurements possible deviations error, damage, deterioration, hazardous conditions recommendations for repairs and improvements recommendations for the amount of time the next inspection date marking of electrical Resources and systems electrical systems and resources, although tested by a qualified electrician happened but mostly daily by other employees dealing with the devices. So that they, too, about the current condition and performance in the picture are the application of inspection stickers has proven itself. On the basis of a corresponding test badge the user know when the plant or the resources were last checked and when the next inspection date is. The certification label of next test date GUV-V A3 “you get in the brewes online shop.

Digital Announcements

If these thinking about publishing announcements free by Internet to sell something and you wish to obtain results of fast form is important that you follow a series of advice to make your announcement more effective. – The title of your announcement must clearly indicate the product that you are selling, as well as the mark and the model if it corresponds. It includes key words in the title of your announcement. These will be those that the buying potential uses to look for by Internet your article in the finders. In this way, you will cause that your announcement appears positioned better in the results of Google, Yahoo, Bing and similars. – A complete description of your product Includes. If you sell a car, indicates all the extras that it has, fuel, km, etc. If it is a floor, describe the characteristics of the house, type of ground, if it has furniture, etc.

Often, when an announcement is published, the people write a very brief description and that very little does this one attractive for the buyers. – The price of your product Indicates. In many cases your announcement will be discarded if you do not include the price of sale. If this he is negotiable, is important you also put that it. The buyers usually do not call to ask the price if it does not appear. – Your announcement with one or several photographies Accompanies. This he is one of the most remarkable aspects and than in many cases it is ignored.

An announcement with photo receives many more visits than other than does not include it, if in addition we can include several better than better. – As far as the contact information, it is more than recommendable than besides the electronic mail (that usually is obligatory) you indicate your telephone number. This will contribute to major seriousness and confidence to your announcement. To publish announcements that sell is easy, we only must spend a little time in writing up its content so that our product finds a buyer soon. So that the transaction process has success is necessary that the salesman knows to show his product and that the salesman finds it attractive and agreed to its needs.