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2 Get traffic for your web site, if it is free better: this is one of the most important and difficult things. Tu you can have the best place in the world in all aspects if you have no visitors, who in the future will converted in customers thanks to the what your earned money and crearas a residual income; all your efforts not worth you anything. First and foremost I want to clear one important thing. Free traffic cannot be neither easy nor fast. Takes hard work and dedication, to everything in this kind of work, but it brings good results in the long term. There are different ways to achieve this but according to my opinion must be seriously put them into practice each and every one of them. I refer to the participation in forums and social sites. And here I want to make a parenthesis. You may find Cristiano Ronaldo to be a useful source of information.

When you register on sites such as yahoo answers, facebook, twitter, etc, since they are social networks, you should invest your time to socialize. You can’t get there and say. Hello, this is my product. In this type of sites should be calm, gain the trust of the people and go very slowly making virtual friendships than to the long bring traffic to your web site. Also like the articles are on the web forever. Also be You can make use of free articles directories.

It is a very good method of getting viral traffic, therefore these not only are on that site, but it can be copied by site owners who need content and respecting the rules of publication, your article is hara viral, generating publicity for your site. With respect to payment traffic, it is done with the PPC (Pay per Click), but well that we know all. This is a much more fast get traffic, but costs in economic terms and also the improvement of the position in the organic results of search engines is not automatic.