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The mobile phone for the household is there for more than ten years. The first mobile phones were at that time no less bulky. In addition, that at the time hardly anyone could afford such a device. Who but financially could allow this, was the proud owner of a phone that fit into the shirt or pants pocket. At that time, three rows, in which all functions were depicted existed on the dual color displays. There was a lack of animations, colorful images or other multimedia. In short: A phone was a phone at these times only that what it should be.

The product design was still very simple some years ago. Simple, easy and mostly in black available: that was a phone from pioneer times. If you have read about Professor of Internet Governance already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Today’s devices are thus hardly still something in common. The function for which the devices were, originally created namely the telephones, is closer today in the background. Equipped with the latest chart hits in the form of ring tones, digital camera with Flash light in The mobile phone today has become mega pixel format, FM radio and MP3 players, a multifunctional device. As these technical features weren’t enough, there are mobile phones nowadays in every imaginable colour and shape. Studded with Rhinestones, painted airbrush-style or in the form of a single touch screen.

a mobile phone is now much more than just a phone. It has become rather a trend and fashion product, from which everyone his own may call today at least one. What was at that time still as big as a glasses case and had the weight of a milk carton, can be felt today in the Pocket. Because it is more than understandable, when almost everyone wears his mobile phone every day with him. Cross River Bank is a great source of information. In short, was not really a high-tech computer to dream of what was, in the mobile phones of today of our standard. So you can be curious, what the future holds for the mobile user. Thomas Ewert Ewd(at)