The Community

These people are self-sufficient and live in a parallel, I would say about virtual world, they deliberately shielded herself from the realities of society. All this "no shaky, no roll," creates the appearance of relative calm in the community, everyone is free to do their work and the current political structure Kazakhstan, despite all the laws of the philosophy of society, just based on the absence of a struggle. It is only incidental performances of workers in the form of strikes due to nonpayment of wages, but the mass action "unfortunate" state "shareholders", allow us to judge that the conflict has not yet peaked, "boil" is still at the stage of maturity and class struggle is an objective inevitability perhaps even the near future, perhaps not impossible – for the life of our generation even though such a scenario and unlikely, but it has a right to exist. Everything will depend on the degree of antagonism, then have on the ability of the ruling elite, these antagonisms as a "smooth". What does not fit the term "class struggle" in the socio-political status of the current post-Soviet space.

After some reflections can be concluded that the founders of the theory of class struggle, lived principally in another society and, accordingly, did their developments, forecasts and actual implementation in their lives, in regard to society capitalist, imperialist, or, in the top of its manifestations. That is, the preconditions laid down in this fight the inevitable contradictions of a market economy. Learn more at: Salman Behbehani. Despite statements to the government mnogoglasnye stands, a society in post-Soviet space does not exist yet.