The Court

Now, to answer the first comment I’ll review concept by concept that wields in its foundation; clarifying that recognized when who writes me does so with intelligence, because even when shows be on the sidewalk in front of my opinions, does so with respect. Let’s see then what is accuses me: said me that I’m confused. Now I with the same right and the same respect he directed to me, I can say exactly the same thing to this reader: dear friend you are confused. Now to analyse the position of each party should be in a neutral position, leaving aside the fanaticism and sentimentality and analyze two positions to see who is right. What is the truth of this player or that I esgrimo? To demonstrate the above still analyzing the criticism that makes me: this man tells me that not angry me by telling me that the law of attraction is ecumenist. And I reply him not me anger, nor I got angry when they say that it is a Satanist. If that is why each one the adjective you want, can add you because if it is by revile can accuse a theory in a thousand different ways.

I.e. by my you can call the law of attraction as they please, the subject does not pass by there, but if used to do good or to do evil. There are fanatical in many religions that covered in his texts sacred kill people in the name of God and the Christians (I’m Christian) are no exception. In the middle ages burned alive women accused witches and these acts were supported by the Church. (). The Court of the Inquisition of the Catholic Church in the 17TH century condemned Galileo Galilei, for his claims that the Earth is not the center of the Solar system, but it revolves around the Sun.