The Fulfilment

Everytime are fulfilled 20 days and travel to another region, you must join me one of the professors to continue teaching and respective practice. In this case the per diem for transportation, lodging and food both mine and the Professor who accompany me will go to my Office (not so Professor fees). In case conferences with learning languages, the payment will be made in ten equal and consecutive monthly installments through a bank account to be determined by my part. This will be done this way so that the fulfilment of every 30 days, or contract teachers, pour your opinion of whether is attentive to that payment were met or not learning patterns preset for each expired period. Check with EOG to learn more. The exception to this will be the reserve paid with anticipation and non refundable from $70,000, which in the case of not proceeding with subsequent payments, shall entitle the contractor a lecture in Spanish on date to determine by mutual agreement with me. Well, saw what shall constitute up to the previous paragraph (provisionally, because that will be periodically adding specifications) in the Sub-page of my website where I will offer my services. Now, if they paid attention (and here comes the teaching I want to transmitting) will see that I introduced 4 types of conferences, according to the language and day in which every dissertation is provided. The first two can be considered reasonable, even the second if performed in any European capital.

But the two last options of $700,000 and 7,000,000 dollars, for anyone who reads this going on my page without believing in the law of attraction, will say that with such pretensions of fees I am remamado. Who even understands about this topic can get to tell me: I do not think that you are remamado, but tell me the truth not got even a little bit?. Because ultimately who is going to pay such figures, when much cheaper would you pay the more expensive translator in the world. .