The Gestation

In more serious cases of the depression after-childbirth, some women present trend to the abandonment of just born or the same one to its extermnio. Physically, symptoms as gastroinstestinais alterations, with drying of mouth, of intestine, migraines, insnias can be indications of a depression (Souza, 1998). With regard to the established period of the depression after-childbirth, this only can be validated with such case this after occurs until the sixth month the childbirth. When this is said in treatment is based on the pharmacology and the psycotherapy. These methods are similar to the employees in the treatment of depressive upheavals in other periods of the life, thus proving its effectiveness (Rock, 1999). The use of psicofrmacos in the puerprio presents definitive contraindications due to the maternal aleitamento that can be compromised to excreo concentration of these medicines in milk.

One knows that for the woman who lives deeply a puerperal depressive upheaval, it is basic to promote in multicriteria way the contact between mother-son, considering its state of reasoning and perception of the reality, thus detaching passveis and appropriate forms of if making this contact. A psicoteraputica boarding is essential in the treatment of the puerperal depression, a time that the therapist together with purpera and familiar, new structures from the lived deeply reality will construct; being thus, the agreement becomes possible, the planning of adjusted interventionist actions concerning this new reality (Rock, 1999). To know if the mother will have or not depression after the childbirth, before the birth of the baby is very difficult. The women with previous trend depressive to the pregnancy require more attention of the familiar ones. The situation of the gestation also is an to be evaluated factor. A rejected pregnancy, or a gestation where it had problems more serious the personal level can provoke an association of the problem with the baby. Such factors also can unchain a depressive picture case the mother believe that the pregnancy was one badly.