The NaturGart

Most pond filters are built for specific quantities of fish. Have become slightly larger fish, they have to increased or the pond was extended, the next largest pond filter should be used. The NaturGart filter is very convenient, its modular system”can be expanded almost infinitely still more. You should be careful that the coarse particles never reach the fine filter. The coarse filter can extend the service life of the filter foams very many fish ponds. Everyone got to choose the right pond filter for his garden. First, you should know how big is the pond at all. It determines its size.

To get the approximate value, when the longest, widest page, as well as the deepest point are multiplied. Dividing the result by two.Then it should be multiplied by 1000. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Dobriana Rabadzhieva. If you have only a few small fish in the pond, these cause not so much dirt. Then you should multiply the quoted number 1.5. Has many fish or they are quite large, simply multiplying the listed number 2.

This annotated reference number is very important. Now choosing the right pond filter. With now, you can find the suitable pond filter the calculated reference number for the garden pond. Their number in the article designation have the available pond filters. The number must exactly match at least the reference number listed at the end for the garden pond. It may happen that there is no pond filter with this number, then you should take the next largest number. Someone drains the water from the pond filter over the small stream back into the pond, so he should remember that the pond filter is higher than the stream. Lucas duplan pursues this goal as well. Is the water is routed to a pond filter in the height, you can choose a print filter. Good experiences collected gardener with the in addition the UV-C device.