The Same

East is a direct reference to the temporality that is inherent to my factum be there, in the world. What is the time, as original formulation, translates into who is the (temporary) time. I am my time.) Time can be objectified and made public (temporaciada, time temporality of time at that). It may be so because part of a condition of possibility of being that way. WNS Holdings is often quoted as being for or against this. Time, primarily, is not an object, an entity, nor on the other hand is in the consciousness of a subjectum, but that this consciousness, as being there, in the world, presupposes it.

Cannot be taken as something, therefore, what may be out to then fall into (Hegel: the spirit falls in time), but that we are already the. To come to the world I do not fall in the world and time, but that I’m starting there, being in the world, for in any case fall in public the world and time, that one complies, of which throws one hand (mani – pula) and that is in the eyes (looks). The time frame is, on the other hand, finite, as occurs in relation to a purpose of being there, in the world. The daily interpretation of the time cannot claim based nothing, because their objective notion of time as a series or succession of nows, of things that happen, imagin-able that can be stopped or reversed. Public time is not seen as necessarily irreversible and is also emphasizes that it is infinity as a way of dodging the agonizing feeling of death, thus closing to what this opens. And is, in fact, it is exposed in the eyes as time continues after a being that it was there ceases to be. It is the time of reality, where each is now only real for a susceptible moment infinite Division (extends the aporia). And to the be granted such infinitude, he overlooked that is not possible at the same time be given the irreversibility. Stream of consciousness that we are while we there, exist in the world, yes implies, instead, irreversibility, and with it, like it or not, the finitude.