The Scope

The deeper relationships stick with it for the outsiders of course hidden and elude his knowledge. Then such critical starting points arise from this pure result point of view. For the most part, come from our trading systems in our own development and were usually over a period of at least 9 to 18 months extensive testing with real money accounts. Only after this baptism of fire they are used and be integrated into our system. It is however, to bear in mind that no single system operates completely losslessly and even has the occasional negative performance in certain market phases. This is a completely normal and usual concomitant.

What is the basic idea of Qware24? Hans j. Hildebrandt: the basic philosophy of Qware24 is that a trading system or even an individual indicator correctly could capture alone never every market phase and every instrument. For this purpose, the market is too complex. It is therefore of importance that the different market phases are simultaneously analyzed by multiple trading systems and that is above all a dynamic adaptation to the market conditions. This is done partly automatically. Under certain conditions this can be done manually.

Just this constant adjustment decides success or failure. How does the investor imagine 13 different trading systems, as well as 8 different currency pairs; How does the trade? “A trading strategy is either succeeds or it purchased” Hans j. Hildebrandt: it only those currency pairs traded, which exhibit the smallest spread and the lowest trading fees. An explanation of the overall strategy beyond the scope of this interview however. We use over 20 individual indicators. These indicators form the basis for two Scalpingsysteme to exploit small price fluctuations, as well as for medium – term and long-term trend following and trend change approaches. Only by combining these individual strategies is a permanent positive performance possible.