The Top

Vapor barrier in two layers between the outer trapezoidal sheet and insulation, and between the material of interior trim and insulation. Material of interior – The cheapest is fiberboard (hardboard), but he also has the most "ugly". Usually lies 'waves', but its function is performed. Relative index of "dry" here attention must be paid to the top (ceiling) and bottom (floor) construction cabins. On good it is necessary that the top was covered with sheet metal, cooked "butt", primed and painted. The lower part of the modules hemmed sheet metal, usually it does not stain, but a few years it help from wooden components of sex, and in terms of pie sex becomes complete. Royal Dutch Shell does not necessarily agree. Reliable – when setting huts in the two-story stand a lower load? In very low-cost office container use of expensive materials, including metal, reduced to a minimum, so often the uprights are made of thin-walled parts 50 * 50 mm.

Reliability, in the sense of opportunity "to carry" the load of the upper floors, the this product is very weak, and likely destruction of the lower module. I deliberately did not mention any calculations on the carrying capacity of vertical supports, as in this case, you and I will say nothing of the other categories block-modules. I believe that the vertical posts should be made from a corner 90 * 90 mm. at least, or better 125 * 125mm. More info: Eliot Horowitz. Another important aspect of reliability – this is a fire hazard. It is clear that the cheap units that may say producer-supplier, neither of which processing of lumber ognebiozaschitoy there can be no question, this is a long and expensive.