The Water

faulty insulation, leaks in the pipes), damage a modified use of the building (excerpt of children, vacation) or a spontaneous heating failure on. So, the poorly insulated water line on the wall in the nursery is often a reason for frost damage. As long as the child lives at home and makes use of this space, it will not be the frost damage. The room is heated to 20 degrees. By the same author: EMC Corporation. This the heat flow in the water pipes is absorbed by the inadequate insulation on the outside temperature. If the child to study outside the home, the heating in the nursery on frost protection is provided. In these cases she no longer sufficient to heat by heating the water pipes.

The loss of heat in the water pipe in the Frost period leads in permafrost that that this pipe freezes. Another case of a construction defect is that the insulated cold water pipe is passed through the unheated attic without having a heating of water if freezing takes place. The best insulation can only delay a heat loss in water pipes, but not prevent. Due to the loss of heat freezes this water pipe. Watching this just an example described construction defects are visible to insurance companies based on their experiences in the claims without further prior to the conclusion of the insurance contract.

A tour of the building to be insured by the insurance company with an appropriate risk assessment does not take place but usually. Instead of preemptively to prevent damage by a consultation of the policyholder on a tour of the building, most insurance companies try in case of its payment obligation to withdraw. Always the question of whether this was the first failure of the heating turns at the failure of the heating system during the absence of the policyholder. The heating system in the past has been repeatedly failed, unless the condition has been fixed, are the policyholder reinforced supervisory duties expected.