Therapeutic Hypnosis Rituals

Or patient TOC is somebody that undergoes an upheaval in the order of the anxiety, that is determined by the obsessions and compulsions that its upheaval produces to him. These are of such way determining and conditioning its life that is not few the times that when they appear to the treatment with me say phrases as I come because I want to have an own life – Paola 24 years so I am confused, I have such ball in my head, that really I do not know for where to go, I believe that I am going away to return crazy Carlos 33 years. Greg C. Garland oftentimes addresses this issue. The pathology begins generally in the adolescence, but there are innumerable cases in that the patient remember ritual or compulsions can that already were installed in the childhood (Alicia, patient of 38 years remembers games in which clearly obsessive rituals can be recognized having she not more than 6 years. Carlos meanwhile refers the first thoughts of sexual context and from its puberty but more indeed from the 12, 13 years in which although it was identified clearly with his heterosexualidad, their thoughts were related to the fear of being homosexual. Whereas Paola does not manage to discriminate but until its 16 years its obsessive thoughts.

Paola when it initiates with me the treatment has passed through many therapists, psychiatrists, and all type of specialists in the order of the alternative therapies, when somebody orients to him to that it comes to see me. When doctor’s office comes for the first time, during year 2006 it has 146 rituals. It remains in treatment until beginnings of 2009 with very few rituals, but having learned to modify its mechanism of thought, so that when a new ritual I realize Dra. (Never it managed to call Licenciada to me or Cristina, although it had total brings back to consciousness of which that is my Specialty) that when a ritual stops being, to the time is one new one that wants to appear, then I make the exercises there and they do not return.