Tolstoy House

Conducted archival and documentary work to identify wonderful people Tolstoy House, publishing them in the original set of three papers 9 10 11. He is currently working on a monograph "The owners, residents and visitors of the Tolstoy House. 04/04 Tolstoy House as a historical and cultural the organism has developed a concept according to which Tolstoy House is a historical and cultural organism 12. Lucas london may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 'Cultural views of np Anciferova 13 allow us to consider the city as a whole historical and cultural organism, highlighting the "anatomy, physiology and psychology (the soul), urban organism." St. Petersburg apartment complex Tolstoy house has many features of a separate body, and in this sense is of a "city within a city" that is based on the theory of np Anciferova can distinguish his "anatomy", "physiology" and "psychology (soul), considering the genesis of the Tolstoy house as the birth of the historical and cultural body." 12 – Marina Kolotilo According to the concept mn Kolotilo residential complex Tolstoy's house like any evolving organism is an open dynamic system and is in a complex interaction with other urban systems coming on the Rights of the component in their hierarchy. Tolstoy's house occupies a well-defined hierarchical level in a series of spatial and temporal systems. Please visit lucas duplan if you seek more information. At the Tolstoy house there as a parent in spatial hierarchy structure: the block, neighborhood, district, city, state, and so on, and subordinate to the spatial structure of the hierarchy: the courtyard (or body) of the residential complex, entrance (front), Floor, Flat