Velazquez Klimt

These printed canvases of artworks by famous painters and emerging artists, are characterized by being more similar ones that exist – not counting reproductions to the oil that they would have one greater cost – the originals, with regard to the accuracy of the details of the work. This rigor of reproduction, is possible thanks to the Giclee technology, which is a process of high-efficiency capable of spraying with absolute thoroughness, millions of microscopic drops of paint per second on a canvas. One of the most interesting things these printed canvases and in frame, in addition to the result, is its cost. You can buy one of these canvases for a bargain price and a superb quality. Plus, with pigments and inks used, they are fully prepared with UV systems to resist the light indoors in any home or Office for more than 200 years.

Today you can get a mess when it comes to the choice of your printed canvases, since there are thousands of works and artists for any place. Artists such as Klimt, Goya, Velazquez, Juan Gris, Van Goght, etc. And works as successful as the naked Maja de Goya, Klimt the Kiss, sunflowers or room of Vicent Van Goght, etc, are already reproduced their works with this magnificent technology Giclee. The best choice for decorating with the three B’s good, nice and cheap homes of different styles.