Knit Scarf

Crochet. How to tie a scarf yourself smart? Crochet can be everything from rigid synthetic thick filaments – thick pad or sponge, a rigid or semi-woolen carpet – slippers, made of soft wool – a hat, palatine, jacket – would be enough imagination and experience. Of a thin shiny thread (wool or cotton with the addition of Lurex, metanita, rayon) can be obtained very smart things. Of square motifs surround a flower in the middle of the collection: scarf with tassels "Rose", a dress and cape, "Rose" dress and gloves and "Lotus" (watch out for publication). For the manufacture of a scarf the size of 120 x 40 cm 300 g of yarn used "Cotton Cascade", 400 m / 100 g, 50% cotton, 50% viscose, pink beads 14 x 6 = 84 pc, hook 2.0. Link 10 square (in Figure 1) and 4 triangular (scheme 2) the motive, the motive side of the square – 18 cm Beginning crochet, leave a flower in the middle of the tail filament length of about 10cm Spread the motives according to Scheme 3 and combine them into scarf, pinning the bars w / o chain of 3 ce (Red) alternately to the adjacent grounds (Figure 4). Put the left tail motif at the beginning of the thread 6 beads and attach them to the middle of the rosettes. Long scarf, tie a hand near st b / n, the corners of the scarf to decorate the tassels 20 cm long, 10 strands in each hand.

PTT Service

The Plantronics CA12 CD as a substitute for GN ellipse PTT. The service and Service Centre for communication systems GmbH Leipzig offers a professional and robust wireless communication solution with remote sensor including push-to-talk buttons function with the Plantronics CA12CD. It was designed for use in the field of air traffic control in the United States, certified and located for five years now successfully in use. For the European market and the adaptation to several stations TK systems the service and service centre provides a variety of modifications the CA12 kommunikationssysteme GmbH. The CA12MOD represents the basic version. The Plantronics CA12MOD feature a variety of performance features. These include among others the excellent qualitative voice of incoming and outgoing calls, a less complicated usage in continuous operation through a physical robustness and easy setup and customization through levels of coarse and fine in place of adjuster for earpiece and microphone volume.

In addition allows a different headset connection the transmitter unit with your QD Quick-disconnect connector. It is possible that each employee uses his own headset. To make sure that the headset when not in use is switched off but still quickly ready for use, ensures a standby circuit through a radio switch-off via a button on the handset. There is a more powerful battery available for a 24/7 operation. This is in a separate charger of base station always available. A 64-bit DECT encryption ensures the confidentiality of the talks. For the unrestricted use of the Plantronics CA12MOD the SDZ GmbH offers adapter for connecting a DHSG (wireless radio and headset) or the AEI (additional equipment interface) interface head set on a phone. Also head set switch designed for improved efficiency and effectiveness in command and control centers, which allow remote control of up to four phones on the CA12. In the development of devices, Adapter and protocol converters were combined practical experience in the field of service and knowledge in the field of customer application.

MDS Entertainment

Charisma presents revolutionary imaging technology MDS-2 and new flagship CHARISMA NEW SLS on the international market for First-Class home entertainment has long been established there are: the charisma TV system. Now the breakthrough solution offers unique television experience TV gourmets all over the world beyond space and time. But that was still not enough. Just in time for the international Funkausstellung (IFA), charisma technologies presents the new flagship of its reference series. The NEW SLS with 105 inch plasma screen CHARISMA has charisma MDS 2 for the first time the worldwide patented, revolutionary imaging technology.

The Viewer offers hitherto unimaginable TV experiences beyond the flat disc. While the much-vaunted 3D-Hype in the area of home entertainment already belongs to the past, the global triumph of the unique charisma picture technology continues undeterred. Charisma is the leading brand for highest First-Class entertainment systems. With the now for the first time featured image technology charisma MDS 2 ranges the German company already on the horizon for the TV entertainment tomorrow. Inspired by the fascinating principles of holography succeeded our developer bar, a vision into reality the vision of a perfect visualization of reality”, so Ralf Lohmann, CEO of charisma technologies. Charisma MDS 2 is not less than the absolute international benchmark for the TV entertainment of the future.

We have patent worldwide our away facing image technology us. And with our new CHARISMA NEW SLS, a 105-inch plasma screen, this technology experienced its market introduction currently.” Charisma MDS offers the Viewer 2 TV images in unprecedented brilliance and vitality. Whether white-knuckle action, crackling crime tension or great feelings, whether he lived through fascinating documentaries or thrilling sports events such a wealth of sensual stimuli, achieving not only his eye but his insides is touched. He begins to feel actually to read the images.