But changeable cost Using this system it is the guarantee of that you will only have cost in case that she effects some sales. They normally, do not charge no type of annuity, tax of adhesion or maintenance. The only charged taxes are the ones that happen on of the sales. Integral act of receiving of the sales quickly For companies who have some difficulty in managing its flow of box these systems can be a good alternative, therefore the average time for act of receiving of the parceled out sales is not 50% faster than of the credit cards. Possibility of great parcelamentos With these systems is possible to offer for the parcelamentos customers in until 24x with jutos of 1.99% the month and continuing receiving the value from the integral sales (less the taxes for the service) in 14 days.

Disadvantages: Very high changeable taxes the taxes that are charged on of each sales are raised. Without a doubt, the service that these companies offer has its value and can be useful in many cases, however they can become very expensive and not be valid the penalty from certain monthly volume of sales. Taxes for parcelamento without interests the majority of the systems offers the possibility to carry through parcelamento without interests for the customer, however who paid these interests are the storekeeper and are taxes still more raised of what the charged ones normally. That is, he has the possibility, but you are made use to pay therefore? They make it difficult the process of sales In the majority of the cases the customer makes the purchase process all and I register in cadastre in the virtual store and when it goes to pay is redirected for the site of the payment systems and there, many times, need register in cadastre to make it again. The advances of the companies of intermediao to become the interface of simpler and less traumatic them are clear, but for some reason, many customers simply abandon its purchases when they are directed for another place in the hour to effect the payment.

President Lula

It is important to clarify, points out, that these alliances do not generate you additional monies to the University for its operation. On the contrary, such agreements should be seen as a University to the development of the country and enterprises contribution, and not as a significant source for generating resources. On the other hand, aims to encourage the participation of private companies to finance the activity of training of University students. The position of Wasserman is pessimistic in this regard: I know of examples where companies are interested in sponsoring desks, classrooms or pay the salary to teachers.The second strategy is to promote the creation of private non-profit universities that do not officially exist in the country so far. The model is based on the example of Brazil, which increased coverage during the term of President Lula Da Silva, of 1,800,000 to 6,000,000 students. Before the proposal, the rector of the National University indicated that the strategy of the Government Brazilian was important in the subject of coverage, but that the policy’s success was its simultaneous implementation with the strengthening of the public University and quality management systems. The private University with non-profit, by definition is not a good college. For example, they are not located in the main positions in the ranking University International, he warned.

Basic sciences, without space in the new law the financial strategies of the Government to increase coverage could discourage investment in academic programs unprofitable, neglecting areas such as basic sciences (physics, mathematics, geology, statistics), which do not yield immediate economic and social benefits, but that are key to achieving high standards of research, innovation, technology and scientific development. Similarly, areas of knowledge fundamental to the economic development of the country are widely neglected in the proposed reform of the National Government. This could affect the abandonment of an area of great potential like biochemistry, which requires high investments of resources and at the same time directly impacts on the modernization of industry, the competitiveness of the nation in the international arena and the generation of employment.

Automotive News Europe

Mercedes-Benz will launch the Coupe and SUV based on the MFA platform between 2013 and 2014 an Automotive News Europe interview with the global sales Chief and marketing of Mercedes-Benz, Joachim Schmidt, has revealed more details of the new architecture used by its next batch of compact models. This will be composed of four products, which first, obviously, will be the next generations of the A class, scheduled for late this year, and the class B, which will be 2012. Two other innovations are not a surprise: already speak some time ago that it will be a Coupe and an SUV of reduced size that will use that platform. Schmidt said in the interview that they will not be reserved to the European market but also the Americans have it. The coupe may acquire it from summer of 2013 and the SUV from the station the following year, while arrival at the old continent will produce between three and five months later. In addition to arrange the margins for dates of releases, the Mercedes-Benz Executive spoke of other features of the new technological brothers of class A and B. For example, that the aesthetics of the Coupe will inherit traits of the newly released generation of the CLS. As for the SUV, will be the necessary response of the German brand direct rivals.

At the moment, these two will be models that fill the bottom of the range in North America, now that consumers there already not make you as many disgusted to smaller vehicles. However, Schmidt said: United States is not the typical market of compact but if demand grows, we can react very quickly and introduce those other two variants (classes A and B) in the country much earlier that in the past. You must not forget that even Infiniti could benefit from the MFA platform, although Schmidt stated that there are no decisions at the moment.

Western Fuels

If there is this need, the Islamic Nations had progressed greatly without need to be running after the deceptions of the policeman and his partner Zionist. Concentrate on oil is to decide international trade has its edges, because as we know fuels of biological origin are entering a stage of scarcity and if you discover, to meet international demand, not reached by what some countries are targeting their substitute. Alternative fuels. As well as entry dangerous in use some varieties of species for the production of fuels or also known as biofuels, mostly from corn and soybeans, which are great demand for global food foods, is is entering a very dangerous for most of humanity trend, by their position to increase malnutrition and hunger problems in more than half of the world’s population that is this coming to cover the three third parties who are suffering hunger. The curious and villainous is appoint how democratic Mexico. I did not know that the Narcocracias are democratic. As we know the world Narcocracia it has in Mexico to its great operational and financial bourgeoisie in this country, as well as the Gran Colombia is also, in both countries the structures of drug trafficking have corroded political, financial system in those countries up to the marrow and why not say it cultural, since no intellectual voice has raised his voice of protest by the lumpenizacion States and above all the policy. In where permeates like Peter by his house the links of the business of the depredation of the lives of thousands of millions of young people around the world.

And it is more ironic talk that as do not earn the rich who want to disguise their businesses with the lives of young people, he mentions incompetence in the WINS state that distributes them to the most needy. Tremendous mistake or delirium tremens in his mind. There are civilizations more civilized and? others not civilized? Another contradiction because we will have to have the perspective of all to analyze them and even so our perspective will be limited by our conditioning of origin, but we’ll see if we understand from the Western dimension as overdue, but they see Westerners as dilapidated, neither technology can decide this variable, because dimension which calls Alvarito Pope as not civilized son its capacity of coexistence with nature is surprising in contrast self-destruction capacity of the West is also amazing, Western man not only Wolf of the same man, if not also of himself.

Venezuelan Technology

Among companies that began to adopt outsourcing are General Motors and Banco Republica, Distribuidora Benedetti. Scope outsourcing should be seen as a process that is going to make more competitive companies since the demands of clients require increasingly higher levels of quality, consequence of a competitiveness where many companies present products of great quality. With the implementation of this tool is possible for the Organization to focus on its core business, allowing at the same time, that all functions are managed as if they were essential and strategic flexibility to deal with processes of change, a greater added value service (although not always at less cost) and the transformation of a fixed at a variable figure cost. Be aware that in the specific case of the use of technology which is where has focused primarily outsourcing, the advantages can be summarized into three:-access to a broader technological diversity and more complex systems. -Avoid technological obsolescence. -Optimize resources.

To deliver to a specialist management and technology development is accessed equipment and solutions that the company does not possess and which require a very skilled staff that the company neither surely has. As to the service provider core business is technology, the client stays updated and consequently also. The outosurcing allows them to the prune delve into other markets, venture into other scenarios, minimize costs, get better utilities impacts and benefits the Venezuelan organizations that have received great protectionism by the State, they can now avail themselves of their own activities penetrating new markets in alliances with successful companies and know take advantage of their strengths, opportunities presented to through this operation. New trends of globalization openings, new alliances, encourage power venture with outsourcing and know to take their advantages, the minimization of costs and a more efficient operation. It is said, that the message is clear, that the outsourcing not only has to do with reducing costs, but can also provide improvements in the business and technology services.

Triple Convergence

The triple convergence is a concept managed by Thomas Friedman in his book the Earth is flat which explains how the combination of three key factors contributed to the productivity in the process of globalization and consolidation of networks of value, in the same way in a forecast process there are three key factors which contribute greatly to achieving better results in the demand forecast to the convergeThese factors are: – Software – people – process Software in its infancy companies elaborated the forecast manually (pencil and paper) to subsequently migrate to electronic spreadsheets despite the limitations that these present, as part of this development many companies currently are evaluating software specialized in the topic that allow them to have a better prognosis base and whose collaborative capabilities ensure you able to fully model the reality of the business. People in technology today has helped replace many of the routine operations than in the past They executed people, and in fact in many cases the introduction of new technologies involves replacing personnel in companies, however is clarify that the best processes of forecast carry implicit two components, the quantitative which is supplied by the software and the qualitative which is supplied by humans and in no case a software tool can replace the knowledge and experience of people. In an article for the CIO magazine, Ben Worthen (2003), said that the demand forecast sounds like an exact science, but if you look carefully people are half of the equation in the process.

Conversion Materials

The truth, that faced with this reality, modern management requires another vision, updated knowledge in all those managerial topics that guarantees results, participation of enterprises, especially, proactivity, strategies, plans, which allow you to meet the challenges, generating changes give way to the transformations that are presented depending on the opportunities many times manifested product of actions of the Government and of the same globalization.Companies to face the great challenges have required not only to redefine its operation with efficient administrative systems, but with the definition of functions for each position in a more practical way that involves knowledge, abilities and skills that each requires. There are many successful companies that have changed their organizational structure, making it more simple, operational, knowing how to make that modern technology has contributed, especially information technology. What are the administrative units that must operate unfettered, effectively have been defined.Modern enterprises have been identified, with the importance, relevance generated by having a trained, trained, integrated, human resource responsible, committed to their duties and productivity in order to foster through their performance the expected benefits, duly established in the objectives that were defined with the participation of the views of all.Modern companies, have a technology capable of manufacture products, provide quality services, competitive, that meet the needs of its consumers. Technology which takes them well defined processes production, maintenance, management indices pointing what should be the productivity that meets demand with minimal costs. Technology that addresses the challenges, competitiveness, that fortress to the company, especially to the management plans of markets to ensure that you conquer them. Faced with this reality, must take into account, that the core activity of the processing industry for example, consists of process various raw materials purchased and transform them into new finished products.

Sometimes, the change in the physical or chemical characteristics of raw materials is total, and in other cases is relatively small. The raw materials that have not yet been processed are included in an inventory of such materials. In any case, the industrialist does not sell identical raw materials to as buy them. His cost of production is not the purchase price, but the value of manufacturing raw materials into items to the consumer, by means of manufacturing methods. Production function It ranges from the acquisition of raw material, its transformation, until the finished product is obtained. The manufacturing process consists of a situation of input current and potential output. The input current is made up of raw materials used in the product, the operation consists of the conversion of raw raw (along with equipment, time, labor, money, address, etc) in finished product, which constitutes the potential output or production. Specifically, there is no doubt that the characteristics of the current commercial scenarios show much competitiveness, technology advanced, alliances, new products, satisfaction to the consumer demand in pro of your needs, as well as threats, challenges that derive from politics, world economy, aspect which must be very taken into account by a management visionary, capable of meeting the challenges, and above all, take advantage of the opportunities that are presented.