It is necessary that it has is importance so that the children can have a construction of the knowledge, that comes to occur in significant contexts that include creation and experiments. 3 MUSIC IN the INFANTILE EDUCATION music it is a language, then we must follow; in relation music the same the process of development that we adopt when the language is said, where we must display the child the musical language and dialogue by means of music. Compuware Corporation addresses the importance of the matter here. The language also happens through each civilization, each social group starting to have its proper musical expression. According to pedagogical conception music in the day the day of the infantile education comes if invigorating in our country in elapsing of the time. In accordance with Penna (apud Reviewed Presence, 2002, P. Recently Crumpton Group sought to clarify these questions. 41 Pedagogical): Most important he is that the professor, conscientious of its objectives and the beddings of practical its? where music must be faced as a production and an educative way for the formation amplest it individual? it takes the risks? the difficulty and the unreliability? to construct its way of day-by-day, in constant reevaluation. It is possible to perceive strong requirements of a conception of education in what it used music being then song has supported for acquisition of common knowledges for a good formation of habits, attitudes and disciplines.

Music in these used contexts as a way to reach considered objectives adequate the infantile instruction and the formation. In ' ' 60 decade of 50 and the new school started to imfluenciar Brazilian education, where according to Martins, (1998, P. 11)? it directed the education of art for the expression and the valuation of processo' ' carrying through situations for ' ' to learn fazendo' ' , generating then a movement of changes and generating you transformed into the rightnesss or errors. In accordance with author, despite it can say that if it has installed, in the music area, a position of affective, orientation for the creativity, in some exceptions had occurred the misunderstanding.

Christopher Nolan

The main function of one technician in visual effect is in becoming the dreams a reality in the screens. They are responsible for changing the half appearance with objective to create sensations, being able to define scenes, to stand out surrounding, to embelezar productions, to become more real environments. The category had origin in 1963, therefore before it existed inside of a called category Effect Special together with the Sonorous Effect. He was George Mlis who gave to origin to these techniques, and by having been excellent in the world of the cinematographic productions the specific category in the awarding was created that exists until today and will be shown in Oscar 2012. The development of computer science techniques allowed that to the visual effect if they also developed in fast way. The film ‘ ‘ The Exterminador of the Future 2’ ‘ of 1991 it is a good example and a landmark of the effect special had the introduction of digital effect 2D and 3D on a large scale. Good part of the success gotten for the film ‘ ‘ Titanic’ ‘ (1997) of James Cameron, winner of 11 Oscars if must to the impressive scenes of the shipwreck of the ship.

The production of ‘ ‘ Park of the Dinossauros’ ‘ (1993) also it had the visual effect as a great factor of influence, therefore it shows a world of dinossauros previously never seen. Another film of Cameron that was recordista and relieved US$ 2 billion, had great success for its visual effect in 3D was Avatar. I finish it winner, indicated in 2011, was ‘ ‘ The Origem’ ‘ , film of Christopher Nolan.

Federal Statutory

The learning is a continuous process, and happens in the individual since its birth, depends on the genetic inheritance, the maturity of the nervous system and on its effort and interest. According to theory of the cognitivo development, the child in accordance with passes for periods of training differentiated in the learning its maturation. The first period of training is the motor sensrio, going until the two years of age, as it is the daily pay-operational one that it goes approximately until the seven years, until the eleven years enters in the period of training of the concrete operations, passing then to the formal learning. When the child is not motivated inside of the environment where she coexists daily occurs damage in its intellectual and cultural development, being able to transform enabled children into children with potential below of the level of normal learning. The children who it has learning difficulties start to demonstrate them through drawings, action, tricks, behaviors and even though arriving at the failure pertaining to school.

The current challenge is to understand the reason of the upheavals of learning in mathematics (discalculia). The objective is to provide to the educators and professionals knowledge on the subject, of form that can give the due attention to the pupils who present such characteristics pedagogically, identifying them and intervined, looking for to assist them with strategies of studies that allow the academic and personal success. 7 2. The History of the Field of the Upheavals of Learning For Federal Statutory definition in the United States (1977), You referemse the upheavals of calculations and mathematical concepts. For the definition of the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD2,1988), ' ' Difficulties of Aprendizagem' ' it is a generic term that says respect to a heterogeneous group of clutters revealed for significant problems in the acquisition and use of the capacities of listening, speaks, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematics.

The Child

In a history, for example, the professor creates a propitious climate, stimulating the children so that they feel to its redor so that they can see the images and the text if thus desire. An author also displays that, when finishing reading, either of literary or informative direction, the professor puts the book that read at the hands of the same children so that the o turns pages and to confer what the attention called them more. ‘ ‘ it considers that they take for house this interesting book and others that them seem … (LERNER, 2002, P. 96). Thus, professor will continue acting as reading in elapsing of all the escolaridade, because it is reading material that it considers interesting, beautiful or useful that will be able to participate to the children the value of the reading.

In this context, Lerner (2002), affirms that, as much when showing as if makes to read when the professor if places in the reader paper, as when helping suggesting strategies efficient when the reading is shared, as when delegating individual or collective the reading to the children, the professor is teaching to read (Id. Ibid., 2002, p.97.). Emphasizing the importance of the reading in the infantile, necessary education if it makes to understand that ‘ ‘ to read is not to decipher palavras’ ‘ (BRAZIL, 1998, p.144). One searchs to understand that, before the development of the orality, the child seats to hear histories and to hear history, a text, already if it can consider as a reading form. Thus, Macedo (1999, p.122) explains that ‘ ‘ the reading acts precede the reading of palavras’ ‘. Ahead of these concepts, Meireles (2010, p.50) affirms that the children must have same contact with books before learning to read.


It is in this direction, that resolution of the mathematical problems can stimulate the curiosity of the pupils in the aspect of the learning and motivate if interest them it for the Mathematics, in way that when trying to decide the problems they improve its creativity and its logical reasoning, extending its mathematical knowledge. But, the important one is not to know to decide certain type of problem, and yes to have a minimum idea of what it comes to be one. For Van de Walle apud Allevato & Onuchic (2004, p.221), ' ' a problem is defined as any task or activity for which the students do not have methods or prescribed or memorized rules, nor the perception of that has a specific method to arrive at the solution correta' '. We point out that a problem consists of everything what we do not obtain to decide, but that we would like to make. Therefore, when a pupil does not obtain to decide a mathematical problem, it does not want to say that it does not know mathematics, in this in case that innumerable factors can exist that contribute for this, being one of them fact not to obtain to correctly understand the problem considered that can be derived from one me the interpretation of text for the event of the lack of habit of the reading or even though not to obtain to find a way to get the resolution. It is natural that it occurs some incorrect solutions, since for the process of Resolution of mathematical Problems, the pupils will be instigated to freely express its way to think. This does not want to say that the incorrect solution for a type of problem does not generate a new moment of learning that can later be used, therefore for the fact to only have the attempt to decide, the pupil is acquiring new strategies for problems that come to appear in the future. .

Object Manipulations

The knowledge is constructed, leaving of the concrete to the abstract? Or of the abstract to the concrete? In the truth a unidirectional way does not exist to reach or to construct the knowledge. Certain it is that abstract and concrete if articulates, the abstractions are necessary mediaes to the construction of the knowledge, as well as also they are the concrete object manipulations, or same the references they. Applicability Everything in Mathematics can be applied to some subject or all the subjects, of some form, have one ' ' Matemtica' ' inlaid: it is the effective belief, and it is, many times, the used argument to justify the education of the Mathematics, world measures. Of the Psychoanalysis to Biology, of the Economy to the Linguistics and beyond already called ' ' Exatas&#039 sciences; ' , everything involves Mathematics. It is what we listen frequently. We see to each day an increasing development of the technologies, an increasing computerization of the society; terms as inclusion or digital exclusion, already are ' ' includos' ' in the jargon of the daily speech. The massificante or massacrante presence of the computers in our daily activities takes to accept us to it the idea maken a mistake of immediate applicability of the Mathematics.

Binary codes, passwords, programming languages, by the way, ' ' Science of the Computao' ' if it dresses or it coats with Mathematics and also it gains its air of ' ' Matemtica&#039 exactness; ' , of logicidade. In day-by-day of the common citizen, hardly we will see it calculating ' ' Logarithms in the base e' ' , or ' ' Esponenciais of the 0 variable x' ' , exactly that it makes it to the computer. Normally we see it using additions, subtractions, divisions or multiplications, when, analyzing (appreciating) very graphical. These ' ' manifestations matemticas' ' periodicals, magazines, programs of television, careless form are propagated in or exactly frivolous, and a movement of if bringing the media for the classroom can until creating a false expectation of that everything that if to study will be applied to some daily thing.

Landscapes Under Letters

(I break up of VISUAL POETRY, Helena Trindade, Future Oi Ipanema/RJ, 2011,2) (to below see figure in the site indicated in note) I – after-estruturalismo and the desconstrues. A new architecture of the vision is elevated on the beginning of mobility, where the citizen alone is capable to recognize and to be recognized through the displacement, in an infinite game of significaes. (Carlos Enrique Axe) the descontruo idea has left short the trams that construct thoughts, and at the same time, produces the notion of inacabamento, face to the clinic exerted secularly for literature, and extension, the art. In the practical one of the reading, the reader, without visible brusque movements? but for the change of pages, or the digital slip, after the advent of the INTERNET, while media in democratization process? its front establishes an alliance with the text. An alliance that includes agreements of integridades. to be complete in an alliance is necessary to be capable to be and not to be, the spite of desires proper. An alliance reorganizes the visible, invisible and virtual agreements. The updates that of it elapse constantly are placed in question in function of new movements that the thoughts, reorganized, make possible.

If in the call modernity we had the dualidade visibly and as main resource the ambiguity, while estruturadores of systems in action, the call after-modernity, without violent exclusions, the dualidades had started to have a secondary place, without however, to abdicate to emit the force necessary to expand thoughts and at the same time to fit them in delimited contexts. The question that if places in the contemporaneidade also exceeds these ways and promotes continuous displacements with apparent jibs of slight knowledge for concepts and revision of these. Perhaps therefore, let us cross the multiplicity and the plurality with some intercrossed sensations, that more give to see ' ' retrocessos' ' of what properly surgical transformations. .