Administrative Management Technologies

Now a lot of people claiming the technology. They may have invented it, but never tested, never used and offer the bare theory. Of course, people can not use such technology to the theoretical or applied, but it does not work, or works in a distorted way. And then wonder: "Why are we up to his ears in a crisis?". But it is better to find the right technology, which is based on the laws that exist, as in life, in business that works and is successful, time-tested and people.

Within Administrative technology is assumed that any company has seven main areas, in the absence or the flaw of one of them the possibility of a crisis increases. 1) the organization, personnel, communication 2) marketing, promotion, selling 3) Finances 4) production, service delivery 5) Quality control and skill 6) expansion of the business 7) administrative functions, for example, one successful sales consultant, whom I know firsthand, in a short time raised the level of sales of luxury Italian furniture in one company. But the department provide such a volume not cope and this has caused the decline in sales again. Head blamed This consultant, but when we look at them was a lost production area. The organization must operate as a single coherent body, and a change in some areas to look, what changes this will lead to other areas. To predict the development of affairs in the company, in particular prediction of the crisis, "Administrative Management Technologies", by L.

Inflation Imported

Editor’s Note: Colombia does not escape the global reality: inflationary aspects and appreciation of its currency have led to having to intervene the exchange market more actively. Today the article comes with a recommendation. Can send me your feedback a: is the Banco Central de Colombia feeding the imported inflation? Buenos Aires, Argentina from March 31, 2008 that the Colombian economy has achieved a growth of 7.52% during 2007, the highest growth since 1987, is a fact to celebrate. But the most relevant information for the Colombian economy in recent days did not go through this GDP data but originated from the Central Bank. The decision of the Central Bank of Colombia keep stable at 9.75% interest rate, generated a relief for all participants of the Colombian economy. The improvement in the inflationary in Colombia (while the January inflation rate was higher than expected), arrives at the moment just when, like them I mentioned in a previous article (), according to the rating agency Moody s, the margin to continue raising rates have had exhausted him to the Central Bank of Colombia. According to the Central Bank of Colombia: credit has moderated its pace of growth, especially in what refers to the commercial portfolio and consumption. This shows that monetary policy has begun to note their effects so it was not necessary a new increase of rates (which already accumulated an increase of 375 basis points from 2006).

The slowdown in the pace of credit growth will cooperate to contain the dynamics of domestic demand that was experiencing a good rate of growth. This will contain inflationary pressures originating in the Colombian economy itself, because logically, in this new global context, not all the increase in prices is explained by what happens doors inside of economies. But the maintenance of the interest rate was not the only determination that took the Colombian Central Bank.

POS Business

As a result, owners of many institutions lose sight of the important functions that can save them a lot of time and money in the future! If you want to avoid this error, it is important to note that the following: 1. Correctly analyze the needs of your business 2. Create List important functions. How much time and money one or another function you can save. 3.

Set to the list of priorities for each function. 4. Compare pos system. One of the key moments of the stability of the system reliability is hardware and operating system (OS). The leaders of organizations on the selection of POS-software often turn to local computer consultants, but they usually do not understand all the complexities POS-software and management features. Do not they understand and that there are nearly a thousand different POS-systems, and among them so you can easily choose the wrong and, as they say, avaricious pays twice. Each process is unique and has different needs and pitfalls.

If you receive poor advice and select the wrong type of system, your business because it will lose your money. Who decides on the choice of pos system? Too many owners have the responsibility of selecting institutions transmit POS-system employee or computer consultant who is not familiar with your business. The man chosen for the software you must have knowledge about your business and have a clear idea of what is currently happening in this market. Top management and other key personnel should preferably be involved in the selection and implementation of pos system.