Jurisoft Services

The project arises from the Association BULMA and has moved to their own association called IGLOOS Bulmages is currently supported by several companies that offer installation, configuration, updates, user support and other services associated with this software. The importance of commercial support is vital for the purpose of this free Software actually reaches the target audience: Las a small example of this is the case of all-networks that sells it services installation, adaptation and support under the designation BulmagesPlus. And is that free software has no limits. It not only allows us to use a simple Nintendo DS to take notes of orders, our accounting BulmGes for Jurisoft management system we also can or create an ecosystem where companies can offer support services. For example, the installer developed by Todo-networking that facilitates the task of installation and maintenance. It is not yet public because it is working to adapt first medical software and POS programs. Task that takes certain amount of time. They have given us the opportunity to download the installer and try it. To install it we must assign permissions (properties/permissions) to allow run the file as a program, then we double click on the downloaded file and follow the instructions on the screen of the crm. From all – networks have asked us that are users who make a feedback, so we encourage you to try this installer. Sure that your opinion will be of much help.

The Elements

It is for this great influence and flexibility of the world-wide climate, that if becomes important its study, as well as the different climates of the world, its elements and its changes. In this work we will present these elements, information that will be able to help day-by-day in the agreement of this element of the so present nature in ours. The elements of the climate are: Climate: it is a generalization or the integration of the conditions of the time for a certain period, in one determined area. It is a synthesis of the types of time that normally occur in data place, during a long period. Time: he is something that varies very on the surface of the Land. the total addition of the atmospheric conditions of local data, in one determined chronological time. The repetition for a long period of one determined type of atmospheric time, determines the climate of certain place. For determination of the climate of a region they are necessary that the climatic factors and elements are known: Factors of the climate: they are the relives, types of ground, latitude, altitude.

These factors influence the climatic elements and modify the climate of a place. Climatic elements: temperature, humidity, rain, wind, cloudiness, pressure atmospheric and solar radiation. They are meteorological largenesses that vary in the time and the space and communicate to the atmospheric way. The displacement of the air masses, formed in the dynamics of the atmospheric circulation, is responsible for the simultaneous occurrence (that is, at the same time) of diverse types of atmospheric time in the planet. The air masses are not static elements, the resultant types of time of its performance also are not static, that is, they are not stopped in relation ones to the others, however, the repetition of determined types of atmospheric time allows the identification of great climatic types of the planet.


Since our first days of life we have felt the support mentors for our successful development personnel, labor, that without a doubt have had an influence positive in our lives, but we did not know this name: Mentor. We started supporting us in our fathers, older brothers, uncles, grandparents, teachers, etc. In short, people who care about us and will guide us in the daily chores, what to do, how do, this is fine, this is not right, etc. How should be a good mentor? A good mentor always is willing to help you develop and succeed, to invest your time and effort, you should listen actively and encourage you when you need it, must be interested in your challenge and help you to reach farther, willing to share their knowledge and personal experiences, your confidant. So what is a mentor? A mentor is an experienced person who inspires you with confidence, which will guide you through all the tasks or projects you want to develop.

The mentor will take care of train yourself with all the techniques that the tested and they worked or they taught their own mentors and they work, because he continues using them in their activities with fantastic results. He is the person to who attend when doubts arise you so that you orient on what and how to do to achieve your goals. It will guide you step by step, without saturating you information, so you go assimilating it and thus power learning little by little and correctly. The relationship between you (Apprentice) and the Mentor should be personal and confidential, very different from the relationship between superior and subordinate. In addition, mentor will help you overcome the obstacles you’ll no doubt find yourself along this path towards the achievement of your goals, try to motivate you when you feel depressed and encourage you when you see that you need it. It is always available to clarify any question or problem that you want him to consult.

Why is it so important to have a mentor? Because only he has the knowledge, the experience, the techniques and methodologies to guide us in our first steps to achieve the success we desire. So is vital, follow each of the steps indicating our mentor us, neither more, nor less, if we take more steps will surely we will fall and if we give less, surely does not reach. We must therefore be aware at all times that we are learning from our mentor, and it is very important to always keep in our mind strongly rooted our dreams, to that when we present bumpy u obstacles along the way, we can overcome them. But we will be only us who will have to take the action to do so, since the mentor may not take it by us. For all this not to never lose the course of our objectives, work continuously supporting us in our mentor and will come to fruition. Could not finish this post in any other way but by thanking my two mentors and friends: Javier Gonzalez (XabiBoss) and Denis Antunez, all training and support that we are giving in the program DeNovatoANetworker that they themselves created, and I have the privilege to be a part of. Many thanks to both!

Simple Techniques

When you are demotivated, sad, angry or with laziness, those emotions predispose to you of certain way towards the actions that you are taking at that certain moment. However, when you feel trusting and motivated, you will feel that a great energy invades to you and that you can obtain any thing that you set out. It is for that reason that is so important to be kind to your emotions so that you can take part in them and modify them to obtain the best results of the actions that you choose to undertake. When you feel that bassoon and the downheart is invading to you, uses these simple techniques that will help you to leave but fast the emotions that are restraining to you: 1. It spends moments for the free writing. It takes a notebook from notes and a pencil and writes everything what this happening through your mind in those moments.

You must be on the lookout of your thoughts. This will allow not only desahogarte you and to clarify the situation that this demotivating to you, also will give a scheme you of thoughts you can be so that them changing conscientiously. 2. It learns to accept the emotions that they obstruct to you without resistance. All emotion has a cause and entails a learning. This will allow you to rescue the positive within the crisis and it would leave an education you that you will be able to use at some future date. 3. Beam memory of the happy moments of your life. It writes when they have happened and in which situation you were, it tries to revivir the sensations that you had at those moments so that they help you to fight the negative emotions.