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Joseph Imbelloni

Here we return to digital and the contemporary. Or the contemporary and digital technology. The respective and inexorable parables goes when one consuming vital, and it is made from spirits troubled by searches that often go beyond the physical death, starts to become meat to the comtemporary is an episode of the eternal ephemeral. And maybe is from the creation, the comtemplacion and dissemination esthetics, from where one can realise, that one is not liked in his contemporary world, than an ephemeral, of the testimony of an eternity asaz carrier, our very embedded with divinity. And the stigma of the provisionality, acompanha to the notion of digital technology. Some of the many spirits, which in these times at all points of the globe, meditate on the impact of ICTs, argue that the distinctive note of TIcs., is speed. This notion of the speed of calculation, already the Toffler said, at the end of the 1970s, but many do not us gave told that was referring.

By that we then had begun the still slow process of democratization that believed the PCs. who by this time already access the current state of the Tics (which are empowered to associate with Internet broadcasting, the scan mode and even photocopying), will not intuiting what can happen when it is implemented, involving concepts as nanotechnology. Concepts such as: all What a man can imagine another may do it, or must always have the strength to break all limits, they can serve for the spiritual exercises that will prepare our mood, to take advantage of speeds of calculus, overcome, in quantities that I dare not label, capacity at our disposal today. If you could scan the color, line, sound, does that can wait, of the trigital (i.e. instead of binary to the trinary), in all fields, including aesthetic? And who assures, that other logics, to formalize more beyond the trinaria today redescubirnos in the aymara culture, like thinking Templar/cuatrernario that entrevio the argrentino Joseph Imbelloni in the forties his? Surely, is an aftertaste of the times that we hail, the close a speech with any conclusion. Devotees of the ethics of diversity and of the trasndisciplinario, notions that we abrevamos in the mathematician brasilenho Ubiraran D Ambrisio, current President of the project Latin American Virtual University, and aware of the limitations of all emprendimiento monografico, only hope that those who honor me reading these lines, continue deploying their personalities through what aesthetic for the growth of the human saga.

Vanguard Prints

Some specialists point out that 16th century was an era of greater beauty in Mexican typographical work, in which printers of course play an indispensable role. However, although we should not belittle the work of those times, the current printers have been covering greater needs and demands. It is true that some memorable authors have been published his brilliant literary works thanks to printers and their inclusion in Mexico. There are currently many jobs for which the printers have played a very important role, we owe the creation of many works of art and cultural dissemination in our country. The appearance of the printing works involved a major change in cultural diffusion because it allowed the reproduction of books in quantities not envisaged. Today printers offer their services not only for the publication of books, magazines, or stories, but also for the creation of posters, brochures, advertising stands, design images of all kinds with a transfer wide diversity of materials and techniques.

Vanguard prints we recognize the importance of disseminating cultural, artistic, and even advertising. Why printers seek that same excellence and quality for all those persons or companies that require them. We guarantee service and commitment with our clients, offering a variety of options so they can make the printing of his works and projects satisfactorily in materials and techniques that they need. We can help them with prints color, digital prints, offset prints, and we can even advise them with other works provided that you tell us your requirements.; thus ensuring the quality and service to users who need of printers for the conduct of its work or even disclosure of their services. With that competitive and spirit conscious of our commitment and the importance of our work in Mexico, we offer different sizes booklet printing services and if requested by the customer, with special finishes; In addition to flyers, magazines in all formats with your printing in black and white or color prints, posters with variety of sizes bright or matte, in plastics, and printing in stands manufactured with the finest materials and tastes. Not only printers have transcended, have also evolved its services and offer a huge variety of impressions to meet the needs and requirements of artists, designers and entrepreneurs in search of Telecomunicaciones en Mexico with quality and experience.


If you’re wondering how I can regain my former girlfriend, probably have hope that they can be reconciled. Perhaps not completed final form in the first place. If there is anything you did that you could have angered her, make sure you ask apologies. Take that first step and apologize for what you think that it could have injured your ex girlfriend. To teach your sensitive side to your ex girlfriend, this can work in your favor. To do this and show you that these willing to give more attention to their needs, will have more opportunities to recover it.

Tell him what need you and that you’re sorry, but you do not exaggerate nor roges by its approval. If she is not the type of person that eats stories then you have to change strategy. You have to try something that you know work, or at least cause a reaction. As regain to my ex-girlfriend, wonder, instead of buying him a letter or flowers, which is what makes everyone, try to be more original. Write a letter person and includes things that only you know of it, thus you show how special you are to her. Will also help to realize that you took the time to do something custom for her and more nobody.

It is simply to get in place and something will happen. The majority of women think that men are not very witty. Think of the time spent together. Were you considered with her? You did things that you clearly separated from the other men in her life? Nor do expect her to jump immediately back to the relationship, take it easy. At the moment probably cost you believe that you have changed to become a better person, so leave that time do the rest. On the next page you will learn some tricks to win back your ex. You can apply these psychological techniques to make your ex want to be with you again. If you want to learn how to recover your former beam quickly, Click here download Joaquin Lorente thinks, is free free download direct megaupload or rapidshare Michelin Lasarte and Almeria equal opportunities men women Rosa J.C. Blog Archive time passes Pinera presents agenda Chile country developed: more opportunities and better jobs Radio Bio-Bio scholarship opportunities outnumber males ABC News

Brazilian Population

The students place themselves as being pertaining to a layer of the society that has more access to the information and education and in view of the results of the research carried through in the PUC, a majority is pointed that if automedica for small males, however that, the least its majority (67%), never had problems with collateral effect, what emphasizes the relevance of the quality of the information that is absorbed by the population Brazilian. In synthesis, Santi it badly indicates the done propaganda and badly regulated as bigger problem for the medication without control and Moraes alleges that the information lack, in turn it is the biggest shunting line; with this, it can be concluded that the colleges student suffer little with the curses from the self-medication and they are not influenced for the propaganda because the education and culture have more access, what it emphasizes the necessity of an awareness of the Brazilian population. After analysis of the results of research of field carried through with the responsible colleges student of the PUC, pupils for the research had developed project of awareness of the population using the technology of the information to reach such fact. Considering the lack of information of the Brazilians, a canal of information was created that deals with the subjects of public health, emphasizing the curses of the self-medication, as well as its possible benefits when this practical is carried through under cultural and intellectual support on the part of the population of the country. For in such a way blog was created by them one informative, that it contains the opinion of professionals of the health of the most diverse areas, consulting on medicines, the importance of the opinion of a doctor or druggist. Counting on the power of abrangncia of the digital information, the students have intention doubt to cure them frequent in the daily one of the people.

Knowledge Ecological

As Theoretical Referencial, we will use the following workmanships: BRAZIL. MINISTRY OF THE EDUCATION. Secretariat of Basic Education. National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education. Brasilia: MEC/SEF, 2002. Vol 3: Knowledge of World; OAK, Isabel Cristina de Moura. Ambient education: the formation of the ecological citizen.

So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. 4 Edition. Docncia in Formation. Problematic Transversal lines. 256p, for believing that the formation of the ecological citizen and the respect to the environment must be cultivated since infancy. This project will have duration of two months? of September the November, being retaken with the pupils whenever necessary. GENERAL OBJECTIVES: To make possible a critical and including reflection on the causes and consequences of the ambient degradation of the quarter breaking itself of the reading of the local landscape. To evidence the main ambient implications in the Land division Green, pertaining Dream to the Quarter of Cajupiranga (Parnamirim? RN) caused mainly for the disordered urban growth in the local related one, with sights to excite a reflection around this problematic one and to consider measured effective that contribute for the conservation and preservation of the related locality.

SPECIFIC: To carry through the bibliographical survey on the subject to be searched; To carry through a lesson of field in the Land division Green Dream with the pupils of the Infantile Education of 03 and 04 years with the objective to identify and to evidence the main problems and ambient implications; To search regarding the municipal, state and national legislation ambient identifying the punitive measures for determined ambient crimes; PROCEDURES METODOLGICOS Wheels of colloquy for survey of previous knowledge, lesson of field for the quarter, questionnaires to the parents on aspects of the quarter, drawings produced for the pupils, ecological walk for the school, collective confection of posters and mural with the photos of the carried through activities, exposition in the patio of the school, confection of a Cartilha de Ambient Educao. DIDACTIC RESOURCES digital photographic Machine, computer, printer, official paper, wax bristol boards, chalk, pencil of color, activities printed, mural picture, escaneados photographs and drawings, glue, shears, adhesive ribbon, amongst others. RESULTS Distribution of the Cartilha de Ambient Educao to the families of the pupils and the local community, with sights to the acquisition of positive attitudes ahead of the local environment, the change of attitudes and the formation of the ecological citizen. BRAZIL REFERENCES. MINISTRY OF THE EDUCATION. Secretariat of Basic Education. National Curricular Referencial for the Infantile Education. Brasilia: MEC/SEF, 2002. Vol 3: Knowledge of World. OAK, Isabel Cristina de Moura. Ambient education: the formation of the ecological citizen. So Paulo: Cortez, 2008. 4 Edition. Docncia in Formation. Problematic Transversal lines. 256p.

Common Errors

Rule 1 of the complex sale: A complex sentence begins after the main selling an error during a complex sale: Seller immediately calculates the complex sale, and therefore begins to "persuade" buyer to purchase an additional yet to meet basic needs. "What do you interdigital septum? The main reason for your problems – flat foot, so you absolutely need it insoles! "Rule 2 the complex sale: A comprehensive sales must pass gently and naturally, without "vparivaniya" and the particular pressure. Good complex sale is more like a friendly advice. Buyer's decision must be deliberate and calm. Error 2 during the complex sale: Seller utmost to influence the buyer so that he made additional purchases immediately. In the course are "horror stories", threats, persuasion, manipulative techniques.

In this case the buyer and seller rushes did not give him time for reflection and awareness of the problem. "If you do not buy a jersey right now, you necessarily have any complications, and it will be worse!" Rule 3 of the integrated sales: Complex sale should be based on existing problems of the buyer failed to 3, with the comprehensive Sales: Sold with no real reasons for the additional purchase tries "to pull the ears" of the problem that may arise when the buyer of the existing problems. The combination of such a reception with manipulation often provides a good "exit" on complex purchases, but also often leads to increase in the number of returns and reduce customer loyalty to the outlet. One of the often pop up techniques – emotional problems complication buyer. "What are you! To this must pay close attention, or six months later you fall off your feet! "Rule 4 complex sale: A comprehensive sale begins when the buyer failed to ascertain the needs 4 for the comprehensive Sales: Sold in clarifying needs of the buyer misses important points in his "health biography", which leads to the loss of additional opportunities for further suggestions.

Building Code

As much in airports as in hotels, code QR can be used like electronic ticket boarding pass, showing the screen of the moving body in the panel of reading when carrying out checking in the boarding door. In fact, in airport of Barajas, if you are wanted to save time of delay in the control, are companies that directly send the boarding pass to you to the moving body (in format BIDI), the scaneas and raisins with priority on the rest. Checking in events. In order to obtain the accreditation or invitation. For more information in this sense you can consult post that I published weeks ago on systems of accreditation by means of BIDI.Crdito codes in the hotels. The client can keep his code QR with his number of reserve that can be read of the different points of sale from the hotel to be able to load its consumption to him to the account of the room. Loyalty of clients.

In loyalty card way, where we can keep great amount from information on the client and our hotel/agency. Pamphlets and catalogues. So that the users can extend their information acceding to the Web of the hotel or monument (or object of interest), acceding to contents extra as he visits virtual, video, contents, etc. it is possible to be used also in advertising magazines and fences so that the user can accede directly to more information, drawings, or even tendencies vanguardistas than allow to realise shipments via bluetooth to all the users who pass through the radius of reach of my to sender. Geolocalizacin. For information of tourist places and in combination with other technologies like increased reality, Google Favourite Places, google Maps, etc. Etc. Building with code QR and reality aumentadEl building known like N Building, located in Tokyo, decorates its facade with a code QR. In its initial version code QR of the building codified the URL of the page solely Web of the building, but now it makes use of the increased reality to show superposed digital information the real image of the building like tweetts written by his renters, information on the stores that there are in his interior, supplies, promotions, etc.

Landscapes Under Letters

(I break up of VISUAL POETRY, Helena Trindade, Future Oi Ipanema/RJ, 2011,2) (to below see figure in the site indicated in note) I – after-estruturalismo and the desconstrues. A new architecture of the vision is elevated on the beginning of mobility, where the citizen alone is capable to recognize and to be recognized through the displacement, in an infinite game of significaes. (Carlos Enrique Axe) the descontruo idea has left short the trams that construct thoughts, and at the same time, produces the notion of inacabamento, face to the clinic exerted secularly for literature, and extension, the art. In the practical one of the reading, the reader, without visible brusque movements? but for the change of pages, or the digital slip, after the advent of the INTERNET, while media in democratization process? its front establishes an alliance with the text. An alliance that includes agreements of integridades. to be complete in an alliance is necessary to be capable to be and not to be, the spite of desires proper. An alliance reorganizes the visible, invisible and virtual agreements. The updates that of it elapse constantly are placed in question in function of new movements that the thoughts, reorganized, make possible.

If in the call modernity we had the dualidade visibly and as main resource the ambiguity, while estruturadores of systems in action, the call after-modernity, without violent exclusions, the dualidades had started to have a secondary place, without however, to abdicate to emit the force necessary to expand thoughts and at the same time to fit them in delimited contexts. The question that if places in the contemporaneidade also exceeds these ways and promotes continuous displacements with apparent jibs of slight knowledge for concepts and revision of these. Perhaps therefore, let us cross the multiplicity and the plurality with some intercrossed sensations, that more give to see ' ' retrocessos' ' of what properly surgical transformations. .

Manufacturer Fife

To move from one edition to another) thanks to fully automatic simultaneous change of eight forms of management and computer tuning machines for printing. Actually the process of print circulation lasts less than two minutes at a speed exceeding 10 m / s (60 thousand copies. / H). With such fast-moving process of replication products practically does not interfere with a person in control of the seal and all adjustments are made by automatic control systems.

Another Japanese firm, TKS (Tokyo Kikai Seisakusho), showed an even higher speeds (over 90 thousand copies / hr.) printing 12-page newspaper format 533h318 mm, carried out by car Color Top 9000CDH. Print quality is automatically controlled by a system of Web Viewer INS-300R, which are installed sensors between the tower printing units (4 +4) and folding the paper web to view the full width (1900 mm). In addition to the dynamic densitometers and spectrophotometers, mounted directly on the printing machines, a number of firms decide the task of visual inspection of prints in the printing process, using for that purpose digital cameras. Thus solves the problem of the CPA firm on an offset sheet printing machine Rapida 105. Manufacturer Windmoller & Holscher 10-color flexographic car Novoflex CM (ill. 5) Set the video system BST webscope, which gives a unique opportunity printmaker efficiently control the output to print ‘from the roll to roll. ” Manufacturer Fife-Tidland GmbH offers video-paper web system InPrint Video Web Inspection (Ill. 6), which can be installed on any printing press, including large format printing.

Among the latest digital printing should be noted the development of the recently combined their efforts firms Hewlett-Packard (USA) and Indigo (Israel) – roll digital printing machine hp Indigo press w3200. The machine works on technology transfer hp ElectroInk with ink on paper on the principle of non-impact (no pressure). In this class, it is one of the most productive – 8 thousand copies of A4 per hour full color printing on the face and turnover. Since the machines of this type is a possibility of printing variable data, in conjunction with the finishing line of the Swiss company Hunkeler, make cuts and cutting fabric, collation book block up to 250 mm thick (technical limit), this complex turns into a print-Collator unit, able to produce finished products in the form book blocks. Blocks can be immediately sent to the bookbinding line. Of the exposed samples of the new bindery finishing equipment differed line German company Bielomatik, capable of using a digital control system to carry out simultaneous processing and Finally, the hardcover book blocks from different runs.