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The band shirt as fan shirt with your favorite band’s music is a nice companion for the day and is often associated with many nice experiences. Many of the bands are the focus at the fans, who often bring with a souvenir of the concerts. The band shirts, for which Patrick Fiekers has now developed an information portal with are the souvenirs of many stars. With a shirt of the band finally has always the favorite band. Numerous motifs, colors and forms are available on the market and numerous shops. Petra Diamonds often says this. In addition to basic information about the shirts, there are also details of the top stars to include, for example, the Australian musician from AC/DC, who have played a decisive role for the Hard Rock.

Are other significant groups, for example, guns?N Roses, Metallica, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. As well, for example, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, and many other artists were especially characteristic for the music. Your band shirts also available in the various Versions. Of course the special models will be presented also as beispielsweisevon Mitsfits or a former Special clubs. Reference is also on the wide range that determines the image of children shirts. Many of the big stars have designed band shirts for boys and girls, whose Vorbilder yes they are. The background reports for the solo artists and groups, the page gets a rounded picture. It also created the opportunity to visit a shop. Abigail Black Elbaum may not feel the same.

The selection shows once again the individual stars. Description of the company who want to successfully present themselves on the Internet, requires more than a beautiful design. The visitors speak and start with a simple and clear navigation through the site, is at the same for many a hurdle and incentive. It’s the difficult online portals or online-shop systems that are dependent on the sale of products. Patrick Fiekers provides services in this area for 10 years. Company contact: Editorial Office Patrick Fiekers Patrick Fiekers Sporckweg 51 48153 Munster Tel: 02512891341 E-Mail: Web:

Fashionable In The Workplace: Trends And Tips On The Workwear

Optimally protected, stylish, comfortable and trendy uniforms should accordingly not only functional, but consist of a mixture composed of practical details and modern sections. A wide range is available as customer to available, where you find a best Workwear for the various professions, that meet your individual needs. To ensure safety and fashion in the Workwear intelligently linked in particular in the professions of craft collections of Workwear on security-relevant details. Padding on knees and buttocks protect joints and avoid pressure points, while safety work shoes with steel toe-caps offer optimum foot protection in particular construction workers, and vehicle mechanic. Where safety shoes were once offered as clumsy and shapeless footwear, today fashionable shapes and finer structures determine the safety shoes, without foregoing functionality. Work overalls convince with fashionable cuts and improved fit, without restricting freedom of movement. Jackets are made of substances with high wearing comfort, which are easy to clean. and also to appear stylish trendy accents.

Contrasting accents are given by patch pockets or material reinforcements and provide a fashionable image of Workwear safety factor. Continue to learn more with: Professor of Internet Governance. Reflectors for improved visibility are especially when working in the essential respectively with the road. For jobs that are exposed to an increased risk of accident, get the appropriate work attire here. Comfort and fit the times of Schlabberlooks are over. Elastic materials, which are of high quality in the processing and withstand hence high levels of stress, belong in the locker of every operation. Elastics provide flexible to adapt to the body shapes and advantageously emphasize the male or female curves. Individually adjustable shoulder straps allow each bib sent grow with the demands, while jeans as Workwear assume more and more everyday designs.

Of the work trousers in trekking style about the straight-cut pants to the laminating of larger proportions of body, up to trendy colors, the range includes a variety of. Work shirts give a very special charisma of Workwear in stylish fabrics, blouses with tailored shapes and gowns with different applications. Additional information is available at Michael Steinhardt. Here, the aspect of comfort of course not from the eyes is allowed. Whether as an outfit for the nurse, the agricultural workers, the painter or the Cook, the Passgenaugigkeit of the modern sections gives a stylish look. Material quality and trendy colours and accessories away from dirt-resistant grey and black and to trendy colors such as orange, red and blue. That is the motto for the fashionable expression of Workwear. The materials are designed so that they are impervious to dirt and dissolve quickly in a conventional washing process can be. The materials are breathable and ensure an optimum balance of body temperature and absorption by body fluids, especially for outdoor activities, to reduce the risk of colds. Tear-resistant materials found mainly in each article, which increases the durability of the materials so that you can enjoy on your work clothes. Accessories such as gloves, goggles, bags or hats complete the stylish work outfit.

A Winter Dream Fleece

Cuddle in the Kangaroo ceiling when the temperatures drop, rising heating costs. Who wants to save energy and money, grabs a thicker is within your own four walls. Ray Kurzweil might disagree with that approach. This works best with a kangaroo ceiling. The alternative to the ordinary ceiling consists of plush polyester fleece and has two large openings for the arms. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Mitchell Resnick not as a source, but as a related topic. The auction platform the invention is closer.

The fluffy ceiling acts almost like a typical Nerdaccessoire. As nerds, you are generally known people like dealing with the topics of computers, science and technology and perceived due to this slope in the society as an outsider, nerd or Geek. Today, this picture prevails in public, where individual features of the typical nerds have managed even up in the fashion, for example the so-called Nerdbrillen. The offbeat and reminiscent of old-fashioned Horn eyewear models find today many carriers. Filmmaker Woody is one of the most famous among them all, the glasses almost to his Hallmark has made.

Indicator for the typical nerd more fitting pants or unkempt hair styles are too high at least in the rollers Woody Allen’s flannel shirts. Even though many unusual ideas not to the trend to make it the Kangaroo cover has the best chance. Available in green, blue, red and pink suit made of polyester fleece convinces with its practical applications. So is the sleeve ceiling not only for reading on the couch, but also as a warming utensil when working on the laptop. More information: presse.html Unister GmbH Lisa Neumann

Linh Nguyen Shopping receives capital in the high six-figure range in the framework of the programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology of the InvestitionsBank Berlin. Berlin, July –, Germany’s first online style advice for women, receives new growth capital by InvestitionsBank Berlin (IBB). That of EU co-financed programme for the promotion of research, innovation and technology (Pro FIT) a six-digit amount flows over to the Berlin start-up total. The funding to be used in particular the technical evolution of the shopping platform. A solid technological base is an essential component of Kisura. With the help of Pro FIT we can consistently develop our technological processes and focus in particular on the development of an innovative recommendation technology”, explains Tanja Bogumil, Managing Director and co-founder of Kisura. We know very well our customers as well as our products. This information is the basis for a new recommendation software based on one intelligent database.

Our individual and personal approach to Consulting learns this. an important technological support” The new technology provides tailored recommendations in real time connected with a special shopping experience of the personal shopping. Customers benefit from much shorter wait, processing and delivery times at the same time higher service level. The technology requirements for the participation in the Pro FIT program are very high. Promoting the IBB reaffirmed”our innovative technological approach, Bogumil is pleased. Thus we strengthen our unique selling point over the competition shortly after the start and position ourselves as a modern platform for personal shopping”.

Kisura has made it his mission to digitise the traditional shopping experience: experienced stylists advise the clients individually and personally in fashion and style questions. Preferences of the customer in relation to lifestyle and fashion, as well as their personality, their style and type are included in the advice. As Result receives a selection of fashion, which will be presented in a virtual showroom tuned to the customer by email. The outfits are supplied without obligation after ordering home and customers decide themselves or with the help of advisers, what they want to keep. The rest is sent back free of charge to Kisura. The exclusive service is currently free for new customers. The Kisura GmbH with seat in Berlin is Germany’s first personal online shopping platform for women. The Berlin startup was founded two graduates of the founders wrought in the autumn of 2012 by Tanja Bogumil and Linh Nguyen – HHL (HHL) with previous experience from the startup industry. The company has been active since March 2013 and has served over a thousand customers. Currently Kisura has 14 employees and is located in the heart of Berlin in Prenzlauer Berg. Press contact: Tanja Bogumil, Tel.: 030 44017038, E-Mail:, company contact: Kisura Ltd.

Japan Hong

The 20th Edition of HKTDC Hong Kong fashion week (spring/summer) has met the expectations this year. The 20th Edition of HKTDC Hong Kong fashion week (spring/summer) has met the expectations this year. “Under the motto sweet fashion country” the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) has been the venue for many fashion shows, colourful and creative ideas, seminars and networking events. Both exhibitors and visitors were satisfied with the four-day event. Overall, more than 17,000 buyers from 76 countries and regions, came a 3 percent compared to the previous year. 1,260 Exhibitors from 20 countries and regions presented them with a wealth of new designs and collections, accessories, fabrics and sewing utensils. The number of visitors of the HKTDC Hong Kong fashion week (spring/summer) is encouraging,”HKTDC Deputy Executive Director Benjamin Chau noted. We register not only a general increase in the number of buyers, but especially the number of buyers from the growth regions is growing disproportionately.

An increase in quality-conscious consumers is accompanied by the development of the middle class and the distribution channels in these markets. These expected trends and high-quality products. We take into account the.” So, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) in the framework of the exhibition organized 88 international purchasing delegations with nearly 5,000 participants. Present were representatives of well-known international brands and large fashion chains. The growth markets represented include Cavalera (Brazil), VANCL (China), top secret (Poland), Ledi Sharm (Russia), Truworths limited (South Africa), (UAE) and CT retail (Viet Nam). The exhibitors expressed generally positive about the exhibition, the ambience and the business opportunities. Hoya knitwear factory, Taiwanese manufacturer of knitwear for women is representative for many.

The company has already received orders from China, Japan, Korea and Turkey at the fair for about 600,000 USD. This is also the great variety of creative Ideas thanks to. The HKTDC organised a series of shows to introduce the creativity of Hong Kong and Asian designers to the international visitors.

CB Richard Ellis

Moreover, load”with its picturesque hiking – and cycling as well as the famous conservation area of Maasplassen, a shopping day with relish finish off many lakes and the unique flora and fauna. Due to its convenient location on the A52 and A40/A73, the designer outlet is very fast and easy to reach. Just a 30-minute drive from reach e.g. Dusseldorf visitors to the designer outlet in Roermond; the journey time is about 45 minutes from Cologne. Also the driving time from the Ruhr area reduced by better connecting via the A40/A73.

The popular Center on the A40/A73 in just a 35 minute drive is accessible from Duisburg. The 5,100 parking guarantee a relaxed shopping start. Year-round reduced prices, the high-quality brand mix, as well as the geographically convenient and scenically unique location make the designer outlet Roermond is an extremely attractive shopping destination in the border triangle of Germany, Netherlands and Belgium. The Center is very popular especially among the Germans. Came about in 2011 54% of all visitors from the nearby Germany, 36% in the Netherlands, 8% in Belgium. The designer outlet Roermond recorded with increasing economic importance of emerging economies in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America, more and more sales to international customers, so-called tax-free shopper. Here are Chinese customers, whose spending has risen in the specified time period by 170%, with 45% at the top. Another 16% of international clients come from Russia, as well as 5% from Korea (source: global blue).

The designer outlet Roermond is the best proof that the region and the city benefits from the economic success of the Center. Get walking to reach downtown Roermond has evolved into a popular tourist destination and has received the award in October 2009 best city”in the category of medium-sized cities. Especially the varied business and gastronomy of the city impressed the jury. And also in a European comparison, the Center convinced on all along the line and was both 2009 and 2011 by ecostra and the real estate consulting firm CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) as economically successful Centre in Europe Award. The study is a survey of 93 tenants about their satisfaction with the performance of its branches in 75 outlet centres in Europe. McArthurGlen: Largest outlet Bert Reiber on the European market the McArthurGlen group is Europe’s leading owner, developer and operator of designer outlets, currently 21 designer outlets in eight countries. In 1995, the Group introduced the concept of designer outlet shopping in Europe. Visitors of the McArthurGlen designer outlets are attracted by the year-round discounts between 30 and 70 percent to the most sought after luxury, designer and lifestyle brands. McArthurGlen’s portfolio includes currently nearly 600,000 square feet of retail space.

The Magic Of Swarovski Rhinestones

My personal sunset of dreams in Miami Beach a professional photo shoot is a complex matter. Everything must be. Location, lighting, to have the hair stylists and makeup artists at the models doing a good job. To conduct the set, there’s of course an excellent photographer. And for the Modeshooting for the new spring collection of Nakatomi fashion, nothing is left to chance. As with Jerry Dorean Nakatomi has committed one of the most renowned photographers, which the fashion industry has to offer. Jerry Dorean has not so melodious names like a Karl Lagerfeld in the population at large. But who can claim it, you would have a degree of popularity as Karl Lagerfeld.

This man is indeed a rare breed. Designer and photographer in personal Union. Everything this man has spoken colloquial to gold. There, you can lose the grip already at some point. Jerry Dorean has also not its mysterious aura. He is a man without airs and graces. From the human aspect, he is the best What can happen to an inexperienced model. In this business, there is enough prima donnas who think to float, which are far away from all earthly things in artistic spheres.

Jerry Dorean is different. In the last 25 years, he has both worked for the major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or table and can rightly describe as one of the best and most celebrated fashion photographer in the present. In addition, he’s very down-to-Earth guy. He cooperates for example with the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and Milan, and is mentor and visiting professor of many talented young photographers. Professionally he is a giant. Jerry Dorean is famous for his portraits. Many influential and powerful figures from politics and the economy pay much money, even to put a monument, by letting him portray himself. He gives the viewer an insight into the soul of the sitter. He shows how he sees these people and what they stand for. As a fashion photographer, are mostly women, the photographed by him. Whether these are now how, or dressed in fine silk, Jerry Dorean always succeeds with his camera behind the curtain to see and to explore the depth of the people. After Jerry Dorean has made the first photos of me, I am wax in his hands. With short instructions he instructs me to vary my gestures and facial expressions. And I’m his puppet. Before the shoot, I was naturally somewhat excited, but now my nervousness is arrived at zero. How can you be nervous, if you hear all the time, you are doing great, Darling. After twenty minutes, the first session is finished. A longer shooting was not possible because the recordings before sunset were made. The photo that it most did to him, was a picture where I wore a necklace of Swarovski, which among other things also here can buy 7759_deu.html. I must pinch myself regularly to remind me I’m not dreaming here. The here I am on the beach of Miami Beach, with a best fashion photographers at all and leave me for a top fashion label for a fashion shoot. How awesome is that?