Triple Convergence

The triple convergence is a concept managed by Thomas Friedman in his book the Earth is flat which explains how the combination of three key factors contributed to the productivity in the process of globalization and consolidation of networks of value, in the same way in a forecast process there are three key factors which contribute greatly to achieving better results in the demand forecast to the convergeThese factors are: – Software – people – process Software in its infancy companies elaborated the forecast manually (pencil and paper) to subsequently migrate to electronic spreadsheets despite the limitations that these present, as part of this development many companies currently are evaluating software specialized in the topic that allow them to have a better prognosis base and whose collaborative capabilities ensure you able to fully model the reality of the business. People in technology today has helped replace many of the routine operations than in the past They executed people, and in fact in many cases the introduction of new technologies involves replacing personnel in companies, however is clarify that the best processes of forecast carry implicit two components, the quantitative which is supplied by the software and the qualitative which is supplied by humans and in no case a software tool can replace the knowledge and experience of people. In an article for the CIO magazine, Ben Worthen (2003), said that the demand forecast sounds like an exact science, but if you look carefully people are half of the equation in the process.