Industry Profitability

“When the pressure of profitability of the industry from the Internet is increasing as never before is becoming an important presence at the company’s competitive advantage: lower costs, the ability to put the price above the industry average, or do Both together. Cost advantages, as is known, is achieved in two ways: the operational efficiency (you do the same, what your competitors, but only better) or better than its competitors, positioning (You do something, do not do your competitors). Rusty holzer contributes greatly to this topic. Internet has an impact on both of these components in different ways. It makes it more difficult for companies to maintain an operational advantage, but opens up many new opportunities to achieve a more distinct strategic positioning. Operational efficiency Porter believes that the Internet may be the most important tool to increase efficiency in business today. “By facilitating and accelerating the exchange of information in real time, the Internet allows you to change all the components of the value chain in virtually every company and every industry.” However, as mentioned above, just use the Internet – not enough to make the company competitive. The company must constantly engage in improving the efficiency of using the Internet. The trouble is that innovations in technology quickly replicated by competitors and the Internet becomes a place where “many companies are doing the same things the same way.” As a result, consumers are forced to make decisions about purchasing based on price, that continues to erode the profitability of the industry. Strategic positioning as it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain operational advantages, strategic positioning becomes extremely important.

We Are Looking For Ways And Find Opportunities

After a whirlwind of events economic earthquake continues to settle the dust. … The degree of damage is not yet clear. Storm warning still has not been canceled, too. Already a little wider open eyes, a little straighten your back. While many will learn to smile again. Mitchel Resnick can aid you in your search for knowledge. It starts with 'normal life in extreme conditions.

" Tremors in the market will continue for several months, and possibly more than one year. But life goes on, and wait – Today is not the best of strategies. So I suggest to keep doing it, just more sensitive to listen to what is happening in the world. After all, as usual, take care of yourself and your business will need to be yourself. And in front of Affairs a lot. Talking to the CEOs clearly trace the pattern: the crisis has affected everyone, but the force of its impact is very different. A related site: rusty holzer mentions similar findings. Many of those leaders, who well remembers 1998, and prepared to all kinds eventualities in advance and because they had not only a plan A, but B, C, D. Today they talk about lowering rates, but these companies no layoffs are planned work.

But the crisis, many companies by surprise. And those who not covered the first wave, it is desirable to begin an audit of its economy and to understand the real state of affairs. This is best done with a group of key employees. Use can already become a classic SWOT-analysis. For improve efficiency, desirable in the group moderator.

Administrative Management Technologies

Now a lot of people claiming the technology. They may have invented it, but never tested, never used and offer the bare theory. Of course, people can not use such technology to the theoretical or applied, but it does not work, or works in a distorted way. And then wonder: "Why are we up to his ears in a crisis?". But it is better to find the right technology, which is based on the laws that exist, as in life, in business that works and is successful, time-tested and people.

Within Administrative technology is assumed that any company has seven main areas, in the absence or the flaw of one of them the possibility of a crisis increases. 1) the organization, personnel, communication 2) marketing, promotion, selling 3) Finances 4) production, service delivery 5) Quality control and skill 6) expansion of the business 7) administrative functions, for example, one successful sales consultant, whom I know firsthand, in a short time raised the level of sales of luxury Italian furniture in one company. But the department provide such a volume not cope and this has caused the decline in sales again. Head blamed This consultant, but when we look at them was a lost production area. The organization must operate as a single coherent body, and a change in some areas to look, what changes this will lead to other areas. To predict the development of affairs in the company, in particular prediction of the crisis, "Administrative Management Technologies", by L.