Cardon Resignation

3a. Call of the Assembly of 25 of August of 1929: Adiscusso of the telegram if perpetuated. The act registers that the letter had sidoendereado to the Been periodical of So Paulo, firming document of support of the CentroOperrio and of Thick Tip to the candidate the President of the Republic Jlio Prestes- the letter had been signed together with the Mayor. Soon he consists quepossivelmente, the incentive to enlistment, on the part of Cardon, he was not casoisolado. In reply, Jose Deslandes de Souza said that not exerceutal act with ' ' intention to harm the Center that with the aid of outroselementos of value in the seio of the classroom worker, it had established, if made and concordoucom telegramma of (…) solidarity of the government of the State and cidaderepresentada in the person of illustre Dr. the Mello&#039 Fields; ' (COCB Ata11).

Adejamiro Cardon asks for the word at this moment, to dizendoentender such gesture as a gratefulness form, if relating the JulioPrestes as ' ' great trabalhador' ' of other societies operrias21para later ' ' to arrive the conquests then in politics nacional' '. Cardon still said to have ' ' hopes to see the men of the work if unindoao side of that they govern in them elaborating the laws that in regem' ' (op. Cit.). The controversial document was dealt with by Jose Deslandes de Souzacomo reason to its resignation the presidency the Laboring Center. It assembliadeliberou it against the resignation of Souza. ' ' Using this of the word, said entoque exactly thus if it considered dismissed and it asked for license to since it was not of the interest of the members dasociedade that this left the presidency. These two acts show that aomisso of the such ‘ ‘ assumptos politicos’ ‘ she was justified to leave deargumentos that they were corresponded with ‘ ‘ good nome’ ‘ of the associaooperria.