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The emergence of cheap flights meant excellent news for all lovers of tourism and, in particular, flights to London, the British capital is one of the most attractive cities for tourists, with one of the richest of planet stories. When we think of London, we cannot help but evoke a city that has historically been the center of Western civilization and the birthplace of much of its culture. English has become, then the lingua franca, the language that communicates to all cultures alike. No matter the country of the world in which it is, or which is doing business, if you speak English, will be communicated. And what better than a field trip to London, to learn the language of Shakespeare, Tennyson and James Joyce. The history of London goes back to the year 43 a.d., when the Romans founded the first permanent settlement, in lands formerly inhabited by the breton people.

Surviving asolaciones by various local tribes, the city prospered, and towards the second century of our era arose a prosperous commune of more than 60,000 inhabitants, Centre of local trade. With the advent of modernity, a new facet of London began to develop on par with industrial activities: the financial city. We could say that London is one of the most important venues of the world markets, and that its pace of activity marks the trend of economies around the globe. Thus, the financial district of London is one of the more febrile as regards activity in Europe: the Square Mile or City. This district only live in permanently around 9,000 people, but here they work more than 320,000. There is a lot to see in central London, where the financial district is located. At Covent Garden is the street of the stars, similar to that found in the United States, which pays tribute to the most popular actors in the English media. One of the most notable features of London, which he shares with other capitals of the world, is the diversity of ethnic groups that live there.

Indians, Jamaican, Nigerian, virtually no country in the world that does not have any representative within the Tower of Babel which might be London. Don’t miss the opportunity and take advantage of the availability of flights to travel to the capital of the United Kingdom, where Londoners will receive you with a multitude of proposals, for all tastes and all ages. Middle school study trip El Pregon Digital Letizia and Felipe, a true story, a by the Romans! merchants of doubt Miguel Jara offer cheap flights Madrid-pekin: 509 euro Buy cheap flights. Offers block normal Oaxaca-Cuacnopalan Highway; they ask for resources for study trip Oaxaca Entrelineas