Developing Stereoscopic Games

Developing stereoscopic games with NVIDIA Quadro Azken Muga develop stereoscopic games with NVIDIA Quadro Azken Muga prestigious school incorporates Quadro Fermi architecture to your training plan. Sintesys is authorized in Spain to Autodesk Softimage, in your training plan includes new technologies for 3D animation, VFX and video game development. Sintesys students have been learning during the past 14 years, how to create computer digital content and resources for media and entertainment companies such as Glassworks, MPC, Filmax, Ilion, Marshal, Baleuko, Entropy… and so until more than 150 companies. Sintesys faced the need to upgrade their systems of render GPU, due to the incorporation of Iray of Mental Images, also had to use certified hardware OpenGL for Softimage 2011 and Avid Media Composer 5.

On the other hand, should choose graphics cards that were powerful enough as to withstand the engine Cryengine 3 Gaming PhysX, the latest versions of Shading Model and DirectX, and the lighting effects of last generation as HDRI, fog, a 1980 1050 resolution and everything all this in real time. But in addition, to be able to train students in the latest Stereoscopic 3D techniques you would use graphic cards compatible with monitors 120 Hz refresh and a system of 3D glasses active effective. Sintesys resorted to his partner technological confidence Azken Muga, with the aim of finding the best solution for the needs of the Center. Azken Muga solution recommended them recently released series graphics card NVIDIA Quadro 2000 Quadro Fermi as ideal solution for several reasons. This graphics card is compatible with OpenGL, and is certified for Autodesk Softimage, for both Avid Media Composer. Its 192 CUDA technology processors accelerate the rendering by GPU in an incredible way, separate greatly accelerate the PhysX physics, that can only make the NVIDIA cards. In addition the GeForce technology is including Quadro Fermi models and with the system NVIDIA Quadro 3D Vision Pro Sintesys obtained an all-in-one making a good investment in latest technologies going ahead to the rest of the companies of the sector.

The result at first seemed that we had to have dedicated teams, one for 3D, another game and another for postproduction. Something that in many schools today becomes day, and this would multiply the costs of investment by 300%. Also, saving was not only in the price of solutions, but also in time, since NVIDIA solutions accelerated in a way never before seen in other platforms calculations processed in the Learning Center. We are delighted with the new Quadro NVIDIA Fermi cards offer us the perfect solution for upgrade of several technologies ALL IN ONE and above, with minimal investment and maintenance, said Rafael Martin, manager general de Sintesys for more information you can look at Azken Muga: about Azken opicos_con_nvidia_quadro._16032011.html MUGA: Azken Muga leader in advanced computing and professional graphical visualization solutions, specialist graphic stations, hpc and cloud computers, rendering and parallel computing servers.