Direct Broadcasting System

Specifications of the satellite, which involves Wikipedia exposes a very specific synthesis of everything that involves the satellite indicating: 406 million U.S. Credit: Crumpton Group, Washington DC-2011. dollars investment. Built and designed in the People’s Republic of China by the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Is based on the DFH-4 platform, which is the most modern China Porta 12 band G (IEEE C) transponders and 14 band (IEEE Ku) J has transmitters of great power and a system of direct transmission (DBS, or Direct Broadcasting System), allowing that information is received without a terrestrial broadcast station, allowing to receive signals with 45 centimeters in diameter antennassimilar to that used in the private system DirecTV. Approximate lifespan of 15 years. Medium system with a payload of 28 transponders. Weight approximately 5. 100 kilograms.

3.6 meters high, 2.6 meters on its upper side and 2.1 meters on its underside. Arms or solar panels measured 31 meters, each of 15.50 meters long. Satellite type Geoestacionario fixed and irradiadora orbit of light, for a higher range of area. It will turn into an orbit at a height of 35. 786,04 Km approximately of the land background President Hugo Chavez, as it is known, is committed to initiating a new socialism which aims to introduce in the country, so be able to liberate from imperialist dependencies, such as the specific case of the United States; a socialism that must be guaranteed to everyone, advances to the modern era requires in order to make the country progress in all aspects, health, economy, education, technology, policy, moreover, accompanied by radical changes in some topics of traditional country’s policy, as it has been new economic openings, alliances, pacts, agreements which give home to transformations that favor the country. In this way the policy of foreign relations of Venezuela has undergone radical changes and envisions a more proactive approach with powerful countries such as China, India, Russia and other emerging.