Divine Intelligence

Dreams are an inherent feature of human nature, so every man and woman, like it or not, we are linked to dreams. As already said Plato, the dreams are warnings of the gods, and it is true, that in them is a Divine Intelligence. In dreams we can see future events, sure we’ve ever heard and even, perhaps, have said “The dreams are fulfilled.” Sigmund Freud’s dreams limited to situations we have in our subconscious and we have not done during the day, or during our life, and even dreams related almost exclusive to sexuality issues. However, one of his best disciples, Carl Gustav Jung, separated from his master to go to look beyond, to go to a more esoteric source to talk about dreams, and so explained that in dreams you can see the future . Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, and showed that matter can leave the physical plane and enter the energy.

This may explain that we are in energy levels. Above and below this physical and material region where we live, there are other regions or worlds of manifestation that are as real as this. Us, when our body sleeps, let one of these other worlds, our consciousness escapes the egos are out of this three-dimensional world and travels to the astral world, the Fourth Dimension, where time ceases to exist and so if there , is an eternal present. So in that plane 4D, to yesterday or tomorrow can be accessed from today … there is no time that we understand that. Needless to say, that the dead when disembodied, will the plane of the Fourth Dimension, so there are cases of people who explain that in his dreams, have spoken with people who have died.

In the Astral world, there is no time factor, because other laws govern this dimension than the physical plane. In the Fourth Dimension, 24 laws governing unlike the 48 that exist in the Third Dimension. Also say that the law of gravity in the Fourth Dimension to govern differently as we know in the physical plane, so there are times that in dreams we fly away. In dreams we see, hear, feel, experience, … things here on the physical plane can not do or know, and of course we can also see our future, so it is vitally important to dream memory, since this is the Which brings us to our conscious life experiences in dreams so you can remember upon awakening. Unfortunately we do not often remember dreams and we dream in a state of unconsciousness, so we should increase the dreamlike memory, using techniques for doing so, such as Dream Yoga. Once remembered the dream, we must know to interpret, since in the fourth dimension there is a symbolic language, is spoken in Kabala, so we know how to add Kabalistic numbers, as many times in dreams give us answers with numbers and on awakening we must know if we understand correctly transform the dream. In many cases, numbers, names, places, animals, situations., etc., etc. that is in our dream has a symbolic meaning and interpret them must know to understand the divine message given to us in sleep. A dream not understood is like a letter unopened.