Economy Without Ethics

The economic crisis has exploded when the speech of Responsabilidad Enterprise Social (RSE) in annual memories and indices of responsible companies is buoyant. She was cosmetic or ethical? Maquillaje to have good appearance or vitamins that fortify? An intelligent company does not decide on a ethics of the disinterestedness, impossible thing for a modern company, but of the common interest. It does not leave the search of the benefit and the viability, but it tries to obtain his benefit through shared benefit. For that reason tries to become that citizen company that the people see like thing hers, because she generates intangible wealth, work and values in its surroundings material. It bets by the transparency that generates confidence and forges the reputation, values without which it is difficult to maintain the viability.

The prudent company tries to know the aspirations of its groups of interest and to respond them. Responsibility, transparency and confidence are essential to reach the good of the company. Whenever an institutional frame able exists to assure reasonably that is fulfilled the game rules. The institutional frame, ordered has not worked in too many cases to control the financial activities, to put on warning to investors and consumers. But in spite of the leninista conviction that the confidence is good, but the control is better, both are essential.

Without control, the banks play the excessive risk, the loan sweepings a day and not to render to the following one, the city councils guarantee re-qualifications, the consumers get into debt themselves beyond the reasonable thing and arrives a time in which the train of the economic activity gives abrupt frenazo. But without confidence the transactions decay, diminishes the investment, are scarce the loans, close the companies, increase unemployment and grow the suffering. It is that the speech of the RSE is broken ties with the systems of corporative government? It is that it has not been gotten up to the armor-piercing core of a great part of companies, when is to them consubstantial? Perhaps he is that there are two types of incentives, those that belong to the fare-play of the company and the spurious ones.