Electric Pallet Truck

Until recently, the stock most often used hand pallet truck, he actively used today, but are replaced by electric stacker in connection with considerable comfort in dealing with them. Coffee Stacker was based on the manual, but differs in the fact that its design changed the mast, allowing lifting loads considerably higher and not hindering the management of the device. Heavy-duty batteries allow you to increase speed of the stacker. Electric stacker is very convenient to use at any warehouses, large stores and businesses that require constant transport and sorting of cargo. Costs for permanent maintenance electric stacker is completely paid off its high performance.

Electric pallet truck running on battery. There are even some models of the stacker in which there is no need for special department to charge the device, such stacker is built-in charger and charging status indicator shows on the case stacker. Electric pallet truck has a small weight to him very easily to move even in the narrow aisles of warehouses. Housing such a stacker is created from durable metal with a special coating that protects it from shocks and external influences. Wheel device, as well as videos twisted, usually made of soft material that makes forklift to maneuver and comfortable in any type of flooring. Electric pallet truck is very easy to operate and most secure.

All the necessary controls reasonably placed on the body and are always on hand stacker operator. Convenient handle makes the turns lever Lift is located in the upper body. In short, the use of electric stacker can simplify and automate the work in the warehouse. At customer stacker can be fitted with a specially dl certain businesses. In the production of stackers apply special coatings, protecting against rust, from cold or other conditions. Tint Quality Paint the customer can choose for himself what can make an electric forklift in corporate style. So far, in too many places, used manual hydraulic stacker, but it is becoming increasingly clear that the electric pallet truck – it's storage equipment entirely new level.