Epson Cartridge

Air injection should be discontinued when the ink stop flowing out of the hole for pressure relief, which is located at the bottom of the cartridge (usually enough for 3.2 blocks). By the way, for some cartridges (such as hp 51645A), should not inject air, and vice versa – to pump it. To do this, filling sets have a special suction cup. We take this simple device, click on it, puts to dyuzam printhead and weaken the pressure. In result of excess air is pumped from the cartridge. Pumped to produce before the ink from the nozzle.

Much easier is filling with a special cartridge holder. In this case you do not need to be to seal the vents – they will be closed holder (all except the top). Simply drill a hole for filling, then fill the cartridge, and then pumped a little air in the upper vent and seal the filler hole. All – you can remove the finished cartridge. With the black cartridge the older models are much simpler.

Enough to separate the film that covers the hole about nozzles and push into the ball-cap. Then pour into the ink and tightly seal the hole with tape. Now you only have to turn the cartridge, and wait until vytekut excess ink. Refilling cartridges Canon This company went out to meet fans of the home refueling. In its latest printer models can be changed only the ink (like Epson), or both ink and print head (like HP). This allows us to not be afraid to refill cartridges (if fails fuel cartridge simply discarded and bought new) and at the same time, minimizes costs for the purchase of branded ink (Canon replacement cartridge is cheaper than replacing the ink cartridge hp, since you can buy just a reservoir of ink).