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The learning is a continuous process, and happens in the individual since its birth, depends on the genetic inheritance, the maturity of the nervous system and on its effort and interest. According to theory of the cognitivo development, the child in accordance with passes for periods of training differentiated in the learning its maturation. The first period of training is the motor sensrio, going until the two years of age, as it is the daily pay-operational one that it goes approximately until the seven years, until the eleven years enters in the period of training of the concrete operations, passing then to the formal learning. When the child is not motivated inside of the environment where she coexists daily occurs damage in its intellectual and cultural development, being able to transform enabled children into children with potential below of the level of normal learning. The children who it has learning difficulties start to demonstrate them through drawings, action, tricks, behaviors and even though arriving at the failure pertaining to school.

The current challenge is to understand the reason of the upheavals of learning in mathematics (discalculia). The objective is to provide to the educators and professionals knowledge on the subject, of form that can give the due attention to the pupils who present such characteristics pedagogically, identifying them and intervined, looking for to assist them with strategies of studies that allow the academic and personal success. 7 2. The History of the Field of the Upheavals of Learning For Federal Statutory definition in the United States (1977), You referemse the upheavals of calculations and mathematical concepts. For the definition of the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities (NJCLD2,1988), ' ' Difficulties of Aprendizagem' ' it is a generic term that says respect to a heterogeneous group of clutters revealed for significant problems in the acquisition and use of the capacities of listening, speaks, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematics.