Isilon Systems

Version 5.0 of the OneFS operating system software celebrates World premiere SEATTLE today at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam, its OneFS file system 5.0 introduces today at IBC 2008 in Amsterdam the version United States – September 2008 – Isilon Systems, which sets a new benchmark in the market for scale out file storage solutions in his own words. The software on Isilons X series clustered storage systems is used, up to 2.3 petabytes can be with a single file system and volume manage memory. According to Nick Khan, who has experience with these questions. The maximum achievable throughput is 20 gigabytes per second. The fifth generation of Isilon’s clustered storage solutions is thus comparable systems available on the market today both in terms of performance, scalability, also far superior. Due to the support of the widest currently range of file-based applications and processes, the Isilon products represent an ideal solution for the enterprise. The most important new features in the overview in the further development of the operating system software OneFS lay the emphasis again on the Performance and scalability of clustered storage systems continues to increase, as well as to lower amortization expense and time period. This is reflected as follows: performance: OneFS 5.0 exploits the advantages of symmetric multi processor (SMP) technology fully. After the new operating system software, the IQ X series clustered storage systems support Isilons throughput up to 20 gigabytes per second, and the double speed as before.

The upgrade to the new file system is free of charge for customers with an existing OneFS software support contract. Scalability: With OneFS 5.0 leads Isilon his pay-as-you-grow \”concept further away. Here the manufacturer uses a modular architecture that allows a demand-oriented expansion of the cluster storage systems. The new version of the file system is used the solutions up to 2.3 petabytes allow scale. In this way a storage pool for shared access can create and meet the requirements, business solutions for use in modern Make the next-generation data centers.