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And the rest I think we can safely move into the category of toys. I almost forgot about the price: an average of 20,000 rubles, but there are options, and for 50,000 rubles. Robotic Toys Hmm … in my childhood, I remember playing with cars, then in Lego, and now with the robots. Progress however. With what is interesting to play my kids? Strange … but in this category, most of various models of robots.

At what they cost an average of 5,000 rubles, but there are options and at 10000 and for 1000. Although there anything surprising? People want spectacle and … even before the other parents brag that out what my child has a toy And they know how these robots? Many are able to: move, dance, fly, take the items throw them blink, talk, (just say the word, and not to communicate with someone on the loose threads), distinguish colors and more. Of all the options I would like to highlight the robot snake RoboBoa. Why? Yes, because it is the perfect robot of its kind to him toys.

The developer describes its function as follows: 1. ConocoPhillips can provide more clarity in the matter. Grupo Vidanta. It has several different modes: Study Mode, "a party" Tracking mode, security mode nightlight mode, Mode sleep mode of protection, programming mode, alarm mode. 2. Roboboa responds to changes in brightness. Roboboa scanner can detect how closely spaced things and objects at a distance of 4 m 3. Infrared sensors help orient themselves in space and choose your route. 4. Writes music by listening, and then it loses. 5. The remote control allows you to program a sequence of 40 of the robot, as used as a flashlight. Pretty good for a toy. And it should be within 6,000 rubles. But that's small children, I would not trust him. Robotic vacuum cleaners I think this is the most useful (existing) for usual robots man. As the name implies, these robots pylesosyut. In short, they wash the floors. All models of these robots look like each other and do a wash the floor in 4 steps: 1. preparation – removal of fine dust 2. humidification – spraying the detergent means 3. Wiping 4. drying seems to be a good assistant, but here is a little expensive, from 20,000 rubles. Bottom line: if you do not want to tormented, you can buy someone else's robot. This will cost you a tidy sum of money. Is not it better myself to do the robot refine it and put into production?

Sales Department

With improved color reproduction, new items can be used as part of surveillance systems object on which to apply lighting mercury lamps. Advanced image processing technology has improved and other characteristics of analog cameras. In particular, managed to make it more stable the camera in auto tracking white balance, white balance that is assessed on individual sections of the frame and provides the correct color reproduction all objects in the region CCTV. Upgraded JVC camera optimally suited for video surveillance systems with demanding quality video, because they have a high ratio "signal / noise" 52 dB (without amplification Video) sharpen the contours of objects and use the technology of 3D Noise Reduction (3DNR) to eliminate the noise component of the image when shooting in low light conditions. Energy-saving cameras are supplied without a classic design lens, and dome-type models come with a varifocal lens with a focal length 2,8-10,5 mm and a viewing angle of 100 to 24 . At the same time fine-tuning the focus of the lens in place surveillance is carried out with one-touch using proprietary mechanisms Fine Adjust.

Hull construction protects against impact and TK-C2201E/WPE actions of vandals. Under most conditions Eliot Horowitz would agree. This allows the TK-C2201E CCTV facilities in the risk of vandalism, and TK-C2201WPE still on open areas, because this camera has a class of dust / moisture protection IP66. Power consumption of energy-saving innovations is on average 40% lower than other models, similar to their technical characteristics. Adjusting the basic settings and functions of surveillance cameras in place made the installer to install them via DIP-switches. To optimize the video to the type of CCTV monitors provided switching LCD1/LCD2/CRT. When images on the screen is performed the gamma correction: on the LCD-screen image becomes more vivid, contrast and saturation, and the CRT-monitor video enhanced clarity in dark areas frame. Upgraded energy-efficient analog cameras of JVC Professional already on the Russian market. Grupo Vidanta follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. For more information on these and other cameras for JVC CCTV systems, please e-mail or multi-channel telephone (495) 787-3342 Sales Department "ARMO-Systems" – the official Russian distributor of equipment JVC, or the regional offices' Armo. " JVC Professional is part of the Japanese concern JVC (Victor Company of Japan) – a recognized world leader in the manufacture of professional audio and video equipment, including equipment for video surveillance systems. In the Russian market very popular analog cameras, video recorders (DVR and NVR), CRT and LCD-monitors, megapixel IP-camera and standard-definition camcorder dome and turning, and other equipment for JVC Professional CCTV.


In the first two cases, the image and text printed on the finished already branded envelope. In the third – the situation is different. For the manufacture of branded envelopes use roll paper, which is tucked into special envelope line. There is put on paper all the necessary information (mail, logos, images, etc.) and automatically generated once branded envelopes, that is being cut from the paper web harvesting of some form, after which they specially applied glue, and blank rebate and stick together. Thus, the envelope of the lines in one pass get a ready signature envelope the image. However, in this case we are interested not so much the technology of production of branded envelopes, as the process of applying them to the desired image. Printing on letterhead envelopes digitally Digital printing systems installed in mini-printers and print shops, not have this drawback. But, keep in mind that not all branded envelopes can be used in laser printers, as there firm envelope undergoes significant heat and squeeze in the fixing apparatus.

Known frequent occasions when, after such an operation signature envelope sealed with an elementary or wrinkle. The advantages this option to print envelopes are available and low material costs for small runs. Disadvantages arise from the advantages: benefit only small print runs, the range of branded envelopes limited and there are some special requirements for external registration. Printing on letterhead envelope offset. If needed the envelopes with the image in a more or less commercial quantities (one or two hundred to several thousands), it is best to use our services.


A combination of qualitative and sockets limit (Torque) keys can produce hardware with bolt to the required torque, which is important when repairing a car, providing safety and reliability. This is especially important for gearboxes, elementary mount the hub in the repair of traction engines and motor vehicles. This tool is also very useful in the house for repairs washing machine, dryer, dishwasher and any other built-in appliances. Universal Socket sets and their constituent extension cords, adapters and sliding joints and allow to reach Unscrew the most difficult of the bolts or nuts that you may encounter during repairs. How to choose a set of sockets? To purchase this set correctly, you should consider the following factors: Frequency of use: if you use your kit is often, you should choose their sockets chrome-vanadium steel, because they are more durable. Size: All met in the sale of Socket sets are in its composition is usually from 5 to 24 different heads with dimensions as in inches (standard SAE) and metric.

Just look around and decide for what purpose you will use the purchased kit. In Russia, the most common metric sizes of heads, in the United States, on the contrary – inch. Torque wrench has a set of inserts – ratchet (ratchet) and is available in four standard sizes (so-called "connecting the square"), ie 1 / 4 inch, 3 / 8 inch, 1 / 2 inch and 3 / 4 inches. The number of gear teeth in the ratchet is usually 24, 30, 45 or 60. The last indicator shows the angle at which you will need to turn the ratchet to happen triggering the locking mechanism. As you understand more than this number – the more "Short-" Ratchet. But this advantage tool has a downside – with lots of ratchet teeth less durable. Variety: the quality and versatility a set of sockets can also be judged by the additional tools in the proposed package.

Set should consist of a T-vorotka, ratchet, adapters, connecting to different squares, propeller flexible joints and extension cords. It is also worth noting that the package includes the same set of bits as usual screwdrivers, Torx, XZN, Hex (normal hexagon) head. Agree, the presence of these extra bits will be an additional advantage in the selection. The main characteristics of quality set of chrome heads Mandatory confers resistance to corrosion reversible ratchet (ratchet) color marking heads for easy determining Button fixing bolt heads on the presence of metric and inch size of optimal size and extension of vorotkov Kit Case or box for easy transport or storage Torque wrench must be thin and comfortable rubber handle, the hand does not slip on the handle in time. Keep in a clean set of sockets, ratchets from the kit and rotary joints to keep mechanism working in the ratchet. You should be careful when choosing and buying a set as the use of substandard materials can have dangerous consequences, such as eye injury or fingers. Cheap Socket heads may also lead to the destruction of bolting (stripped thread or rounded edge bolt heads).

Transmit Energy

For many years, scientists are seeking the possibility of using microwaves to transmit power from the solar collectors in space to anywhere in the world. And by offering the former President of India this is possible. You only need to consider before the end of the proposed concept and to direct all forces on its implementation. Proposal Indian scientist, developed jointly with the National Space Association, gives hope that soon we will have needed to solve the energy problem technology. But, as with any good endeavor, this proposal has another not very pleasant side. Even though the use of such technology will eventually save the earth and provide free energy for all. The idea at first glance sounds easy enough, but in essence it is very difficult.

For In order to run a massive solar array in space rocket will be used. After reaching orbit, the batteries need to be prepared to work with a special group of astronauts, or whether it will reverse itself and become a fully autonomous system for collecting solar energy. This system will collect an unlimited amount of solar energy to pass it on to the surface. How does all this complex structure can transfer energy to the ground? The solar collectors will be connected to a large microwave transmitter, which will literally shoot beams of an incredibly powerful energy to the Earth's atmosphere, as well as to collectors microwaves, located across the globe. But why do not we set up a similar system before? Besides the huge cost associated with running a large satellite in space, there are enough real fear is a way to use satellite to transmit energy to the planet's surface. The giant cable stretched into space, it will be too heavy and the space station without the use of such a task virtually feasible.

Well, the wireless transmission of energy in the battery will allow it to circumvent the atmosphere, which normally blocks most of the light falling on the ground and eventually reach our planet in the form of which can freely use the energy companies. But it is safe to run microwaves to the ground? This is where lie the most serious questions that have already been discussed in the past. If the navigation control such a system accidentally somehow fails, as a result of the newly formed system of generating energy and possibly the savior of mankind turn into the most dangerous enemy to all those who will be on the surface our planet. Not to mention that such a structure would have advanced beyond the security system set up to in case of a power generator directly off the ground, bypassing the satellite. But in this case, given humanity's dependence on energy intake, this design is also a danger. On the other hand, if the system will be really effective and will help to overcome limitations in search of clean energy, we can one day wake up in a world where energy will be free for all and in unlimited quantities.