Landscapes Under Letters

(I break up of VISUAL POETRY, Helena Trindade, Future Oi Ipanema/RJ, 2011,2) (to below see figure in the site indicated in note) I – after-estruturalismo and the desconstrues. A new architecture of the vision is elevated on the beginning of mobility, where the citizen alone is capable to recognize and to be recognized through the displacement, in an infinite game of significaes. (Carlos Enrique Axe) the descontruo idea has left short the trams that construct thoughts, and at the same time, produces the notion of inacabamento, face to the clinic exerted secularly for literature, and extension, the art. In the practical one of the reading, the reader, without visible brusque movements? but for the change of pages, or the digital slip, after the advent of the INTERNET, while media in democratization process? its front establishes an alliance with the text. An alliance that includes agreements of integridades. to be complete in an alliance is necessary to be capable to be and not to be, the spite of desires proper. An alliance reorganizes the visible, invisible and virtual agreements. The updates that of it elapse constantly are placed in question in function of new movements that the thoughts, reorganized, make possible.

If in the call modernity we had the dualidade visibly and as main resource the ambiguity, while estruturadores of systems in action, the call after-modernity, without violent exclusions, the dualidades had started to have a secondary place, without however, to abdicate to emit the force necessary to expand thoughts and at the same time to fit them in delimited contexts. The question that if places in the contemporaneidade also exceeds these ways and promotes continuous displacements with apparent jibs of slight knowledge for concepts and revision of these. Perhaps therefore, let us cross the multiplicity and the plurality with some intercrossed sensations, that more give to see ' ' retrocessos' ' of what properly surgical transformations. .