Laurel Catering

Quique Decasta and Rodrigo of the Street also showed a rice with a delicious broth as it bases. One of the proposals that liked more to Elena and Lola of the Catering Laurel has been the one that prepared Senn Gonzlez, vegetal plates that surely they include in his new cocktails, to make delicious appetizers which rather sushi seems maki with their envelope of alga, although in fact are delicious mouthfuls with vegetable envelope, that is a new form of presentation of the flavors of all the life with an innovation touch. Also it was possible to be observed an authentic artist of the bread, Daniel Jorda, with a form to understand the really ingenious bakery, mixing ingredients like confitada onion or bacon with the corporative colors of any company. Madrid Fusion, also counts on singular and significant activities like the contests that every year are competed more and of quality in the proposals. The covers of Mahou, the conserves and the bocaditos of Berlys, are contributing a great level to this gastronomical event. Like note to emphasize this year, Elena and Lola they have commented to us that great the victors in this edition have been the women and essentially the sector of catering, that always has been so little valued and that it allows to verify how every day they have a hollow major in the market, increasing its level and preparation, also offering high kitchen. For more information: The Laurel Catering C Cherry trees, 11 28703 Madrid tel: 916593174 About LAUREL CATERING With more than 10 years in the market, maintain the persistence to obtain that any S-event a success, where the best thing of the kitchen is tasted, always with personal treatment, to individuals or companies of prestige, adapting to the needs and tastes of each client. They take care of each detail, since besides the own service of catering property and spaces, carps and household, decoration and music work with, to offer an exclusive solution and completes in Madrid and the environs.