Microsoft Exchange

In this way you keep connected to your email address. A final notation thereon. At the corporate level before my company towards use of an internally installed with the software Microsoft Exchange e-mail server. This demanded long time management, mail drops and in general a serious technical problems that most often affected the normal operation of the e-mail. The company in which I work decided to hire an e-mail service outer which takes care of all the technical subject and guaranteed to not have failures in almost 100% of the time. The result has been excellent, extra to that operating costs have been reduced and management is minimal. After a study about potential providers, we selected the FuseMail ( service.

In my opinion is an excellent option cost/benefit for companies in small range and medium having a service of this type, versus installing an internal mailing system with all the complications involving additional to the cost of managing and updating. Presentation card of electronics. Your presence on the Web. Definition: Prepare your profile or electronic business card, through the creation of your personal file on so-called social networks. Today there are over 200 social networks. Select only two, since it is impossible for a time be reviewing and writing in so many places. To the extent that gain experience in the use of this type of Tools, can surely identify in which networks must be present.

Objective: Find new contacts or be found. Be located as a potential supplier of a solution and develop relations of business (Networking). Resources: For purposes of business, our recommendation is to make presence in: LinkedIn: social network specializing in labour and professional contacts address: available in Spanish language (beta version). For more information about the benefits of being present on LinkedIn, refer to the following guide called 10 ways to use LinkedIn (is in the English language).