HOW ALIGNED ARE THE FORMS OF THE METHOD WITH ITS OBJECTIVES? Deploy any methodological variants of the performance evaluation in an organization, through any of the approaches to include greater or lesser amount of sources of information, this will inevitably present certain characteristics.These issues are inherent in most of the existing methods and are easily converted to axis of debate if it’s determine how alienated may be assessments to their apparent purpose; in particular with one that would lead to the improvement of the performance of officials in their tasks. Documented in writing all the appreciations about the development of an individual and their development potential, is explicit in formal documents physical or digital, even commonly signed for both parties, i.e. by the appraisee and the evaluator. This situation is given by the real need to establish the process and its results so Spalding, and providing an impartial and objective documentation, but at the same time, conforms so unintentional or deliberately, in a historical summary of the appraisee. Their negative qualities can translate so in brands indelible and may negatively influence their future possibilities.

Subjective analysis of the previous feature, arises a recurrently discussed aspect: the objectivity of evaluations. A more philosophical genesis, this characteristic as woodland, is part of a premise inconsistent and difficult or impossible to implementation. All assessment is an appreciation and by definition a subjective assessment. Therefore, ratings and/or comments are not pristine but are impregnated with a good proportion of personal impressions. There is almost an obsession in the accuracy as criteria of effectiveness of the evaluation system, to the detriment of other reasons. And however, the desirable characteristics is most impossible to realize. When the personal impressions are imputed positive perceptions and good intentions, he may incur unrealistic turnout in favor of the appraisee. The opposite happens when evaluator negatively prejudge or put their fears, fears or ambitions over the search for a more neutral and based on a more innocuous reading assessment.