Research Project On The Recruiting In Social Media

How to find businesses faster matching employees through social networks? This issue is devoted to a project team of the FOM University of economy and management in the next three years. Aim of the research project EfficientRecruiting 2.0 efficient recruitment of professionals in the Web 2.0 “is the development of software that analyzes the personal suitability of candidates in social networks. Here it goes in contrary to the usual technical adjustment to personality traits of candidate. Also HR4YOU is in addition to scientific partners, as well as companies from the fields of IT and HR consulting/placement as a practice partner on this project. All results are inserted directly into the recruitment practice of the companies and developed through feedback.

“Promote the projects of the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF), the very few research proposals for the programme of research at universities of applied sciences” admits. Find candidates with a matching personality structure for the Personnel search useful information have a high content of truth above all in professional networks and are very up-to-date. After all, candidates maintain their profiles there for career purposes even. Therefore, the research project will focus on this area of social media. In this context, also the important issue of data protection is attention. An additional search agent to make sure that only publicly shared data is accessed. The planned search methods will not replace while a personal selection of candidates through talks and can accelerate the preselection, but more efficiently. Especially when a large number of highly qualified candidates, this may facilitate a narrowing to a few candidates that personally suit the company.

Whether and to what extent match candidates based on their personality, their objectives and capabilities in a company and team structures, can thus already at an early stage better be filtered. Preliminary investigations in psychology show that through the presentation and interaction a person in social networks are possible conclusions about the personality. Who makes as many information about themselves on the Web, a user with little Facebook friends is considered an extrovert, as rather solitary. “, as Prof. Dr. Ricardo Buttner, head of the project. E-Recruiting software with access to social media as provider for E-recruiting software HR4YOU develops solutions that integrate social networking into the active recruitment for years. A comparison of candidate abilities and requirements allows the so-called skill-matching, that verifies the conformity of key words. This hard evidence such as certificates, language or other qualifications can be queried. An addition to personality factors would be at this point, to enable a faster and more efficient recruiting users helpful and useful. For more information, see efficientrecruiting and. Contact information/press contact HR4YOU Solutions GmbH & co. KG schulstrasse 1 91320 Ebermannstadt Tel: + 49 (0) 9194 72522-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9194 72522-20 contact person: Tina Kaiser company profile HR4YOU heard since the year 2000 the leading software suppliers for human systems, all processes around resources management human resources supply and demand efficiently and sustainably optimize. The product – and service portfolio covers software application for companies in the area of recruiting, personnel consultants and service providers as well as job and labour market portals. Due to many years of experience in human resources and the labour market, HR4YOU offers a symbiosis of human resources economic and labour market-relevant know-how in combination with an excellent background of IT.