Road Freight Trailers

In today's freight to the forefront road truck tractors with trailers. The use of trailers at the expense of additional payload capacity allows the vehicle to reduce costs transportation. Moreover, as estimated by 20% reduction in fuel consumption by 1 m km of cargo. Reducing costs is also due to lower depreciation expense as a resource semi-essential more than the car. Performance of trains may be much higher than the truck, by organizing shuttle (pendulum) transportation, when one truck serving up to three trailers (one for loading, second in the path, the third under the unloading).

In addition, the combination is capable of carrying large indivisible loads by adjusting the number of semi-axes, ensuring compliance with regulatory axial weight (the load on the road transmitted wheels single most loaded axle) without harming the road. Platform semi-trailer for transportation of specific goods may have side walls, and for extra long loads – back cart. Semi-trailer equipped with brake system connected to the tractor and operated by the driver of the cab, wiring for rear lights and a supporting stand, set when the trailer is disconnected from the tractor. Self-Propelled technique calls in to the platform on a folding ladder from the back or the front after removing the detachable jib (low-bed trailers). When the cargo has its own speed, its load on the semitrailer lifting equipment. As for prices of semi-trailers, they market and contractual, fluctuate depending on many factors, primarily on supply and demand, capacity, availability of design quality import nodes, the length of the cargo area, as well as the prestige of the manufacturer. Imported new trailers are presented in the domestic market is very limited, demand for small due to high prices, but because dominant hand vehicles. But the number of imported parts in the domestic production of this type has increased significantly. For example, this applies to manufactured in Germany axles with air suspension bpw or saf with significantly more resources than at domestic sites, import turntable, kingpin marks Jost, brake systems, wabco, Bosch electrical equipment, etc. This brings the Russian trailers to the norms of the European Union and the un / ece, which is directly associated with the needs of the growing international traffic.