Rutto Martinez

Of course, neither makes them happy the scenario of a shared love nor suspicious bumps in the front due to the horseplay’s husband out of wedlock. According to the same source don’t like them that we are lying, which is understandable because nobody likes to invent you movies, especially when these inventions are hiding something, such as certain extramarital relationship or any matter of which you do not want to participate. A small group of women who were asked their opinion (5.1%) expresses that you dislike that men be stingy (so we are almost everyone, what can we do) and an even smaller group (2.9%) detest that let us be evil spoken. However the largest percentage in terms of what our muses do not accept from us is dedicated to the item on all the previous!, which means that they did not resist us not sexist, unfaithful, or liars, nor stingy, nor evil spoken. In other words, would like to have as companions almost perfect men and therefore perhaps suffer so much in marriage or, at least, invest you so much energy to the defect identified by men as the defect less supported women’s: they are reganonas. Eliot Horowitz might disagree with that approach.

On my part, that I continue scolding by anything they want. I confess that it could not bear even a week, a day, or one hour in a world in which there are no women. And I say that as one of the greatest truths that has ever expressed. God bless the women and congratulations for him by having them created. Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a renowned journalist and Colombian writer, linked as a teacher at several Colombian universities. He is author of four books and co-author of three others which deals with the topic of the leadership, ethics, and human development. He is frequently invited as a speaker at conferences, forums, and other academic events. Get in touch with him through corrreo or call cell 300 8055526 300 8055526.