This category can be safely attributed to the developers and implementers electronic document management systems to separate provide system developers optical character recognition (OCR) software vendors specialized hardware. All companies that sell specialized bond and book scanners, data storage, server equipment directly interested in the speedy rampant information society and the transition to electronic document management, system integrators. Large companies address a wide range of it tasks, from consulting to implementation of specific document management systems. More likely to be the main performers on the large state budget projects related to electronic document. Large foreign companies having vast experience working with documents and ready to introduce the advanced world experience working with documents in Russia, a vivid example of a company – Xerox.Nebolshie company, often from printing, record keeping, archiving, willing to learn new parallel business lines. Those of small companies who have successfully survive all disease growth and development, will be able to seriously compete monsters, because the emergence of new market never goes by without attracting many organizations, creating a competitive environment.

It can therefore be considered "aces" in this sphere of activity is not only big companies with world-renowned, but also recently appeared organization which managed to achieve some success in the field of streaming scan and input through the use of advanced technology, quality equipment, careful selection of software. What could be the service? Opt or Retail? Many assume that the service scanning and document capture fully replicated en masse and can spread as a service photo studio and imaging centers. However, everything in life is more complicated. To equip a small scanning center is necessary to buy enough expensive equipment to tens of thousands of dollars. Retail customers can not give such a turn to present a scanning center pays. Therefore, service scan – it is always "wholesale" service where the client must be scanned into the system and make hundreds of thousands of documents for a limited period of time. Stream input of a large number of documents in various information systems required and will require a design approach, one of the main features of which is the originality of each project. Unfortunately, there does not work "to comb one size fits" all projects Scanning speech and the establishment of large centers scanning adherence to universal service, it is premature. Necessary to distinguish one-off projects for writing an array accumulated over several decades of documents and current scan and input received documentation, such as corporate e-mail or contracts. For the first scan type benefits to attract foreign companies for the current input – create your own scanning stations. Often organizations have realized a massive input by an outside company, the current input is to outsource.