Currently security enables a considerable set of incidents are not fatal, is in our hands to Dodge them, either facilitating an appropriate maintenance of tourism, thus hampering the coefficient of the car in the accident, or moved in a way more secure and less daring, being uncompetitive with other drivers and more respectful and circulating at a speed more reducedavoiding to increase the figures of salvage vehicles received, in this case, in the desguaces en Cadiz. Even so, it is almost unavoidable cause incidents, which involve terrible economic successfully to society in general, since not unicamentedamnifican collaborators motorists, also to the Government, which will have to mend the motorways or other routes if they have been harmed or that has to give health care to those involved in the accident, insurance companies, which should be responsible for reducing their benefits and causing damage in certain situations, decrease of the Group of workers, among other things. But although one greater accident figure is not buzz, these have a supporting part, which is the management of wrecked cars. These cars may be damaged to a greater or lesser extent, either by a modest trastazo, a failure in any part of the tourism or because the unexpected has coated such gravity that car finished casualty total. Usually, these cars with minor problems or media can be repaired and the vehicle can remain circulating, although in some situations, cars considered sinister total are acquired solely to sell their spare parts to a possible interested and, thereby, receive even a few lucrative profits. However, if this same process first hit car owners could have done this, it pays off in this way to avoid complications and managements in lowering the vehicle at the offices of the dgt of Cadiz, since it is more practical sell it and makes it the new owner although, in some cases, bonuses are less notable. Depending on the category of impact, these cars are marketed at a price or other, still many times lower than the cost of current tourism or second hand, by themes rather than indisputable. For these reasons, the market of cars and vehicles affected after an accident is very considerable in the Spanish territory, and produces significant amounts of money, while it would be preferred that accidents are not cleared to overcome the economic and social cost so deep that they produce. Buy a tourism affected during an accident on occasions is a somewhat attractive alternative for certain motorists with scarce economic means who know a reliable mechanic where remedy or, simply, for those who choose to allocate only automobile to deposit it in a scrap or C.A.T. and obtain a minimum amount of money.

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