Arturo Peniche

This seems to indicate that the replacement of “New rich, new poor” is another tragicomedy. It have changed names several times and eventually be called “I want to die” and starring Luigi Aycardi and Ana Maria Trujillo, its plot unfolds in the world of popular mechanics. It is rumored that in view of the great host of the TV series “The Cartel”, El Canal Caracol ordered the production of 30 chapters from those anticipated, thus hoping to retain power to the entire audience captive today by this history of drug traffickers. Learn more at: futurist. It premiered at last in Colombia the second version of “Lady Elizabeth” one of the most successful of the late playwright commented Bernardo Romero Pereiro, which determined Telemundo RTI and call this time, “Victoria”, starring Maurice Ochmman Mexicans, Victoria Rufo and Arturo Peniche, accompanied by a cast of mostly Colombian and Peruvian figures. Recall that a few years ago TV AZTECA made by the hand of the Bernardo Romero an excellent fictionalized version called “Mirada de mujer” and starred brilliantly Angelica Aragon, in a tone closer to real life. In “Victoria” could say it’s the same story molded into the classic melodrama, I think there is no point of comparison very end between “Lady Isabel”, “Mirada de mujer” and “Victoria” is a single story told in three different keys melodramatic, “Mirada de mujer” is the improved version of “Lady Isabel” as its creator was able to deploy more psychological scheme of all his characters, “Victoria” is the typical melodrama which he usually does the public resident Latino United States.