The Magic Of Swarovski Rhinestones

My personal sunset of dreams in Miami Beach a professional photo shoot is a complex matter. Everything must be. Location, lighting, to have the hair stylists and makeup artists at the models doing a good job. To conduct the set, there’s of course an excellent photographer. And for the Modeshooting for the new spring collection of Nakatomi fashion, nothing is left to chance. As with Jerry Dorean Nakatomi has committed one of the most renowned photographers, which the fashion industry has to offer. Jerry Dorean has not so melodious names like a Karl Lagerfeld in the population at large. But who can claim it, you would have a degree of popularity as Karl Lagerfeld.

This man is indeed a rare breed. Designer and photographer in personal Union. Everything this man has spoken colloquial to gold. There, you can lose the grip already at some point. Jerry Dorean has also not its mysterious aura. He is a man without airs and graces. From the human aspect, he is the best What can happen to an inexperienced model. In this business, there is enough prima donnas who think to float, which are far away from all earthly things in artistic spheres.

Jerry Dorean is different. In the last 25 years, he has both worked for the major fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or table and can rightly describe as one of the best and most celebrated fashion photographer in the present. In addition, he’s very down-to-Earth guy. He cooperates for example with the Academy of Arts in Amsterdam and Milan, and is mentor and visiting professor of many talented young photographers. Professionally he is a giant. Jerry Dorean is famous for his portraits. Many influential and powerful figures from politics and the economy pay much money, even to put a monument, by letting him portray himself. He gives the viewer an insight into the soul of the sitter. He shows how he sees these people and what they stand for. As a fashion photographer, are mostly women, the photographed by him. Whether these are now how, or dressed in fine silk, Jerry Dorean always succeeds with his camera behind the curtain to see and to explore the depth of the people. After Jerry Dorean has made the first photos of me, I am wax in his hands. With short instructions he instructs me to vary my gestures and facial expressions. And I’m his puppet. Before the shoot, I was naturally somewhat excited, but now my nervousness is arrived at zero. How can you be nervous, if you hear all the time, you are doing great, Darling. After twenty minutes, the first session is finished. A longer shooting was not possible because the recordings before sunset were made. The photo that it most did to him, was a picture where I wore a necklace of Swarovski, which among other things also here can buy 7759_deu.html. I must pinch myself regularly to remind me I’m not dreaming here. The here I am on the beach of Miami Beach, with a best fashion photographers at all and leave me for a top fashion label for a fashion shoot. How awesome is that?